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On Raftery's Hill

On Raftery's Hill

Moat Club presents On Raftery's Hill. Directed by Lianne O'Shea

** Content advisory. Some scenes may be distressing **

"We’re just tryin to live like everywan else, don’t ya know how hard thah is sometimes, just to live."

The Rafterys live in the house on the Hill. Their farm encompasses the best of land in this small Midlands community. The prominent family of the area, they fed the neighbourhood during the famine and supported smallholders in times of unrest. But now dead animals lie rotting in the fields and the stink from the hill sweeps down to the valley.

As rumours seep out in the Valley about young Sarah Brophy and her stillborn baby, the several generations of Rafterys on the Hill face extreme circumstances of their own and their carefully guarded dark secrets bubble to the surface.

Dinah asks her father Red Raftery where he will stop.  Marina Carr leaves us wondering where this epic tragedy started.

Marina Carr's celebrated play was first staged at the Town Hall Theatre Galway in 2000 in a co-production of Druid and the Royal Court Theatre.

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