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Open to Spring | Rejuvenating Yin Yoga Workshop

Open to Spring | Rejuvenating Yin Yoga Workshop

2-Hour Saturday Healing Yin Yoga & Meditation Workshop

While the dark winter months welcome a natural hibernation and cosiness, the first signs of longer days and Spring in the air bring a sense of newness and possibility.

However, it can also be a time that we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to stick to resolutions made at the start of the year and come down hard on ourselves when we ‘slip up’. In this workshop we’ll bring both body and mind through this time of transition from a place that might be a little more helpful!

Dee O’Hagan for a calming 2hour yin yoga workshop: slow sequence of yin postures including hip openers, side bends and twists to shift any stagnant energy in the body and encourage detoxification. We’ll also focus on moving forward with intention from a space of gentleness and self-compassion. This unhurried, meditative practice allows us to really tune into what we’re feeling, creating possibility from this more positive, less self-critical place.

To make sure you really float into Spring feeling renewed, finish with a Yoga Nidra, a deep guided relaxation that allows your body to rest deeply.

All levels are more than welcome.

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