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Sacred Art Exhibition

Sacred Art Exhibition


The title means 'reflection, or image, of glory' and it refers to the worldwide beauty of sacred art down through the years, which is still only a very dim reflection of the absolute glory and beauty of God.

The aim of this exhibition is to express our joy in our faith and to allow the public to see and purchase the best of Christian art.

Many fine ecclesiastical artists have been working for Irish churches down through the years but are hardly known to the general public. It is nearly twenty years since the last exhibition of Christian Art was held in this country and it now seems time to revive this great way of expressing our faith and evangelising.

Scáil na Glóire will allow older established, as well as younger, artists and craftsmen to exhibit their work in this genre together, and there will be a range of sizes and prices to suit everyone.

Sacred art has many aspects and to reflect the sprituality of our hosts, the Focolare Movement, artists from many spiritual hosts, the Focolare Movement, artists from many spiritual backgrounds will be visually expressing their journeys of faith.


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