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Kildare Public Participation Network" (Kildare PPN)

The Kildare Public Participation Network (Kildare PPN) is a new framework for public engagement and participation. There will be more extensive and diverse input into decision making at local government level in Kildare. The PPN will be the main link through which the local authority will connect with the community/ voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors.

Through the PPN, people will be selected to participate in various processes of the County and its boards & committees. The PPN will be organised at County and Municipal District levels. The Municipal District PPN will be made up of community/voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations within that particular district.

PPNs are being set up in each county under Section 46 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014.
The Kildare PPN is being established under the direction of an interim steering group comprising representatives from Kildare Community & Voluntary Forum and with support of Kildare County Council.

Kildare PPN Landscape of County Kildare

Kildare PPN...

  • Facilitating representation of communities on decision making bodies
  • Strengthening the capacity of organisations to contribute positively to the community
  • Distributing information relevant to the environmental, social inclusion & community sectors
  • Giving each member organisation an equal vote

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