Kilmead, situated three and a half miles north of Athy is an area steeped in history and heritage. Ballitore, which is only seven miles away has a rich Quaker history, The ‘Rath of Mullaghmast’ is an important national monument as is Kilkea Castle, the ancestral home of the Fitzgeralds. The derivation of the word 'Kilmead' is believed to mean 'middle church'.

local history


The local area is an amalgamation of many townslands such as Fontstown, the Moat of Ardscull and Kilmead. This area dated back to pre-Christian times. The lands of Kilmead were in the possession of the Fitzgerald family until the rebellion of Silken Thomas in 1534. The church in Kilmead will be 200 years old in 1998.


The Old Church in Kilmead


The old Roman Catholic graveyard of Kilmead is situated a quarter of a mile to the north east of Kilmead church. It is almost disused and only contains six inscribed tombstones, four of which belong to the Fitzgerald family.