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We all know that we are producing too much single use plastic, so what can we do about it? One way is to cut down on plastic bottles. A number of outlets around the country will happily fill a reusable water bottle for you- all you need to do is invest in a good reusable water bottle. These are widely available in shops and once you get into the habit of bringing them with you, you will never have to pay for a bottle of dinking water again!

There is a map on the website showing all the outlets and and Kildare County Council is now one of those outlets- the coffee dock beside the motor tax office is now signed up to this scheme. Let your friends and family know about this idea, as the more people that use it, the less plastic we need to use!

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Waste Prevention and Recycling Tips and Tricks!

Have a look at our handy guide to managing your bins attached below, it will help you to reduce what goes into the bins and explain all the different types of waste.


The environment section has responsibility for a range of environmental issues. This includes waste management: the promotion of waste reduction, recycling and responsible disposal, permitting of waste facilities and waste collectors as well as specific commercial waste streams such as tyres, commercial food waste and certain chemicals arising from industries such as farming. Litter is another priority area and is managed through both education and enforcement. A number of burial grounds are in the care of environment section. This section also supports community groups through the provision of grants and equipment for litter control. The protection of surface water is also coordinated in this section.



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Waste Prevention and Recycling Tricks and Tips

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