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Air pollution is an issue because of concerns for human health and wider environmental issues. There are a number of causes, some easier to deal with than others.

Solvents and vehicle spraying

The Solvents (VOC) Regulations and the Deco-Paints Regulations prevent and reduce the effects of VOC emissions from certain activities in order to protect the environment and human health. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds- a collection of different chemicals that can affect the respiratory system. These Regulations are designed to protect both workers who use the chemicals and also to prevent wider environmental harm. They are enforced by the Environment Section of Kildare County Council.  For more information on these Regulations contact the Environment Section on 045-980588 or click on the links below.



Air Pollution Act Licence Appeals

Low smoke Fuels

 Perhaps the biggest improvement in air quality in the last  number of years has been the introduction of the ban on smoky coal in designated areas. Newbridge and Athgarvan, Naas and Sallins, Leixlip, Maynooth and Celbridge are designated as Low Smoke Zones under air quality legislation. This means that there is a ban on the sale and burning of smoky fuels in these towns similar to the ban that was introduced in Dublin back in 1990. This ban has occurred as a direct result of the poor air quality that can arise in an area due to the use of these fuels. For more information on the Low Smoke Zones (including maps) see here


Transport is anther main source of air pollution. Although new cars produce fewer emissions than old cars, a problem remains due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road. Bad driving habits also worsen the problem. For example, over-revving the engine, driving in the wrong gear, even driving with a roof box all increase fuel consumption. Higher fuel consumption means higher emissions, so if you are driving inappropriately in this manner, you are adding to pollution and also wasting money.

Air quality is monitored at a number of locations in Kildare and the results are published by the Environmental Protection Agency. For the most recent results see here

Letter for community groups regarding illegal bonfires

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