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In 2015 all Local Authorities produced a six year Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2016-2021. The purpose of the LECP is to agree a plan to promote and support the economic, local and community development of Kildare.

The LECP was developed following extensive consultation throughout 2015.   key priority areas emerged. The facts that helped to establish these priority areas form the basis of this section of Kildare DataHub. The priorities are as follows:

Data Hub Themes


Infographic - Theme 1 Population Infographic - Theme 2 Urban Rural Mix
‌‌‌‌Infographic - Theme 3 Economy Employment  Infographic - Theme 4 Commuting
 Infographic - Theme 5 Housing Profile Infographic - Theme 6 Education
 Infographic - Theme 7 Health  Infographic - Theme 8 Safe Communities
 Infographic - Theme 9 Children and Young People  Infographic - Theme 10 Community Facilities
 Infographic - Theme 11 Environmental Quality  


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