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What services does the Roads & Transportation Department provide?

Abnormal Load Permits

An Abnormal Load permit is required when the load being transported is in excess of the guidelines outlined in the Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulation 2003.  A completed application form (click here to download Abnormal Load Permit) together with the appropriate fee should be sent to the Roads Department at least 4 days prior to the date of the proposed journey, to allow for proper assessment of the application. Applications may also be made electronically by e-mailing a completed application form to

Significant works are underway on the M7 Widening Scheme in Co. Kildare. Applicants for Abnormal Loads Permits are required to pre-consult with Kildare National Roads Office (KNRO) contact number 045-988900, email

The onus is on an applicant to consult with KNRO prior to submitting the application to the Kildare County Council Road Transportation and Public Safety Department by email


The fees are as follows:-      Single Journey Permit - €60.00.  Three Month Permit - €150.00.  Annual Permit - €500.00.

Area Offices

You can access a map showing the relevant engineering areas via this link

You can report a pot hole or a road in poor condition to the relevant Area Office.  The phone numbers are as follows:-
Northern Area Office           01 - 6286236
Naas Area Office                  045 - 980425
Athy Area Office                    045 980203
Western Area Office             045 - 437556

Compulsory Purchase Orders

Kildare County Council has the power to acquire land compulsorily through the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) process.  Land is usually acquired in order to progress infrastructural projects.

Extinguishment of a Public Right of Way

An application to extinguish a public right of way should be made in writing to the Senior Executive Officer, Roads & Transportation Department.  The applications should be accompanied by a petition signed by the residents concerned/affected indicating their support for the proposal and their reason for seeking to have the public right of way extinguished.

Local Improvements Schemes

Kildare County Council has power under the Local Government (Roads and Drainage) Act, 1968, as amended, to construct and improve certain non-public roads, and to undertake minor drainage improvements.  The costs to the Council in carrying out Local Improvement Schemes are met partly by State grant and partly by local contribution.  Applications are invited from eligible parties each year.  Details are advertised in the local press.


A Part 8 process is a statutory process under the Planning and Development Regulations 2001-2006, whereby a Local Authority informs the public of its proposal to construct houses or to develop a road or some other activity that the Local Authority would be involved in.

Pay Parking

There is pay parking in the following towns in County Kildare:  Athy, Celbridge, Kildare Town, Leixlip, Naas and Newbridge.

For further Information regarding parking, the payment of fines or how to appeal a parking fine please click here

Athy Town Council and Naas Town Council administer and enforce pay parking in Athy and Naas respectively.

Public Lighting

Kildare County Council is responsible for the provision of public lighting in the County. This includes on street lights and the lights in housing estates that have been taken in charge. A fault in a public light can be reported by clicking here: by phone to 045-980421 or by email to

Road Maintenance

County Kildare has an extensive network of public roads, totalling some 2,250 kilometres, which it maintains.  You can report a pot hole or a road in poor condition to the relevant Area Office.

Road Opening Licences

Before any work is carried out on a public road or footpath the applicant must obtain permission from the Roads Department.  Road opening licences in relation to water and/or sewerage connections can be applied for through the Water Services Department.  All other road opening licences are dealt with by the Transportation Department (045-980421).

Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transport

Kildare County Council has a Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transport Officer (RCSTO) who delivers road safety programs and promotes road safety awareness in the community. In addition to that, the RCSTO also promotes cycling, safe cycling and encourages a modal shift using bicycles. Sustainable Transport is also an important role in terms of modal shift and climate change. Further information on this section is available by clicking this link: Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transport

Sale of Land

Kildare County Council sometimes sells land that is not required for infrastructural projects.  If there is a particular piece of land that you would like to acquire then you should send your request to the Roads Department together with a map showing exactly where the land is.

Section 38 Consultation Process

Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994, prescribes the procedure that Local Authorities go through before they install or remove traffic calming measures.  This is a statutory consultation process.  Traffic calming measures include the provision of traffic signs, road markings, bollards, posts, poles, chicanes, rumble areas, raised, lowered or modified road surfaces, ramps, speed cushions, speed tables or other similar works or devices, islands or central reservations, roundabouts, modified junctions, works to reduce or modify the width of the roadway and landscaping, planting or other similar works.

Special Speed Limits

The Road Traffic Act 2004 provided for the application of a default speed limit (80kmph) on non-national roads and national roads (100kmph).  There are instances where it is necessary to intervene and change speed limits.  This intervention role is vested in the elected members, i.e. Kildare County Council, through the making of special speed limit byelaws.  The primary purpose of any such intervention is to better match the maximum speed allowed to local road conditions and to improve road safety.

Kildare County Council carries out a countywide speed limit review every second year.  If there is a particular location where a member of the public feels that the existing speed limit is not appropriate then they can make a submission to the Roads Department and their submission will be included in the next speed limit review.

Temporary Road Closures

Kildare County Council has the power to temporarily close public roads for road races or other events, to permit the carrying out of works, or for any other purpose.  Prior to any public road being closed, a “Notice of Intention” and a “Notice of Decision” are advertised in a local paper circulating in the area in question.  Information regarding road closures is also available on the Council’s website.

Temporary Roadworks Speed Limits

Kildare County Council has the power, under the Road Traffic Act 2004, to impose a “road works speed limit” on a road or motorway, or a part of a road or motorway, where road works are being carried out.  Details of any such road works speed limits are advertised in a local paper circulating in the area in question.  Information regarding road works speed limits are also available on the Council’s website.

Traffic Management

The Roads Department provide and maintain traffic signals around the County.  Traffic Light Faults can be reported by email to  or by phone   045 980225.

The Roads Department deals with a wide range of traffic management and control measures.  With the significant increase in traffic flows, the Department’s work has adapted and expanded to manage transport in the county for the benefit of all road users.  Several Traffic Management Plans have been produced and adopted by Kildare County Council.  They can be accessed by  clicking here.

Roads & Services Letters

If you need a letter stating that roads and services are in the charge of Kildare County Council you should write to the Council’s Roads & Transport Department and attach:

(a)   €75 (cash / cheque made payable to Kildare County Council / postal order)

(b)    A legible Ordnance Survey or Land Registry Map with the site/ property outlined on the map and the road abutting the   property highlighted.

Roads & Services Letters will be issued, where possible, within three weeks from the day the request is received.

Please address all requests to Kildare County Council. Roads & Services Section, Roads & Transport Department, Level 4, Devoy Park, Naas, Co. Kildare.  Phone:  045-980421  Email: