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Non Principal Private
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Local Property Tax

From the 1st January 2013 the Household Charge was abolished and is now replaced with the Local Property Tax.  From 1st July 2013, any outstanding Household Charge will be collected by the Revenue Commissioners through the LPT system.

Link to Revenue Site

Notice of Variation of the basic rate Local Property Tax (LPT) - Passed 21 September 2020


Variation of the basic rate of local property tax - what does it mean?

Notice of Variation of the Basic Rate Local Property Tax (LPT)

Variation of the basic rate of Local Property Tax - What does it mean?


The Revenue Commissioners can be contacted at 1890 200 255 (ROI only) or + 353 1 7023049 (From outside ROI)


By Post: LPT Branch, P.O. Box 1, Limerick

Non Principal Private Residence

Do you or did you own a property that is not your Principal Private Residence?  If yes, have you paid the NPPR charge which was in place between 2009 - 2013.

Kildare County Council can still accept NPPR application (instalment) forms only and payment for the charge can be paid by cheque, postal order, bank draft, credit or debit card.  Please note cash can not be accepted.  The amount owing if an individual did not pay the charge but owned an NPPR property from 2009 - 2013 was €4,220.  However, this amount has increase significantly from 1st September 2014 therefore a non compliant owner would now owe €7,230.  Further details are available at

If you are selling your property, a certificate of exemption or a certificate of discharge will be required. A certificate of exemption is applicable where the property was your primary residence during the liable years and a certificate of discharge is confirmation that you have paid your liability in full to the NPPR Bureau.

If you owe the full liabilty and wish to pay in full directly to the Bureau, you can either pay online at or you can complete a customer registration form and send cheque payable to NPPR and post to LGMA NPPR, PO Box 11654, Dublin 8.  Please contact the office below, once you have received receipt of payment and a cert of discharge can be processed.

The NPPR team at Kildare County Council can be contacted as follows:

Kildare County Council, Athy Municipal District Office, NPPR Section, Rathstewart, Athy, Co Kildare

E-mails should be directed to:

Telephone queries should be made to: 045 980657



About the NPPR Charge:


The Local Government (Charges) Act 2009 introduced a €200 charge for the owners of non principle private residences. The charge applies mainly to owners of properties that are not occupied as their principal private residence (main/sole residence) 

Liability to pay the charge was determined by ownership of a relevant property on the “liability dates” (31st July 2009, 31st March 2010, 31st March 2011, 31st March 2012 and 31st March 2013).

The NPPR Charge was a self assessment liability and owners of property would be required to determine and declare their liability to the NPPR charge.  No invoices or notices requiring payment would be issued by the local authorities.

The amount owing if an individual did not pay the charge but owned an NPPR property from 2009 - 2013 is now €7,230. 


Declaration that a property is unsuitable for use as a dwelling

File Size: 2,687KB - Document Type: Acrobat pdf

 To apply for a Certificate of Discharge, please email details (property address, account reference number or PPSN, name and correspondence address) to  Alternatively, please write to Kildare County Council, Athy Municipal District office, NPPR Section, Rathstewart, Athy, Co.Kildare.

Application for Certificate of Exemption

File Size: 2,800KB - Document Type: Acrobat pdf

Application for a refund

File Size: 2,686KB - Document Type: Acrobat pdf