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Kildare County Council's rents are based on a system called the 'Differential Rent Scheme'.  This means that rent is based on your ability to pay, so if your income in low, your rent will be low and if your income increases, so will your rent. The income of other members of the household will be added to the rent calculation and there may be deductions for any children in the family. 

It is important to note that if the income of any member of the family changes, you must notify Kildare County Council immediately.  Failure to notify the council may result as a breach of your tenancy agreement.

Please click the link below to download a Rent Assessment Form.  This needs to be completed and returned to the Rent Assessment Section, Kildare County Council at the address below or emailed to rentassessment@kildarecoco.ie

The form must be fully completed and declaration signed before returning to the council.  A checklist has been provided at the end of the form for your convenience.


Rent Assessment Form

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Schedule of Rent Charge on Principal Income

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Differential Rent Scheme2017

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