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Tenant Deposit Scheme

Elements of the Scheme

  • At the time of signing of the tenancy agreement the tenant[s] will lodge the required deposit with the Council.


  • The requisite deposit amount for each house type will be as follows:

  • €150    Older Persons Dwelling/1 bedroom property.

  • €300    2/3 bedroom property

  • €400    4 or more bedroom property


  • Upon payment of the deposit the tenant will be written to and informed that this amount is being retained as a deposit and, subject to the proper maintenance of the property and in the event of the property being returned to the council in a good condition, will be refunded in full at termination/transfer* of the tenancy.  Kildare County Council’s Tenancy Handbook: A Guide to Making the Most of your Tenancy refers; as this document outlines both the tenant’s responsibilities and the Council’s responsibilities as landlord with regard to maintenance and upkeep of the property.

[* In cases of joint tenancy, both parties must terminate a tenancy before the deposit will be repaid.]


  • In the event of the termination/transfer of a tenancy the tenant will be required to:

  • Give at least four weeks notice in writing;

  • Leave the property in reasonable condition, in terms of general wear and tear;

  • Clear the property of all furniture, goods and other items, including items from the attic;

  • Remove all rubbish from the house, garden and shed(s) and leave in a tidy condition.  All rubbish removed from the property must be disposed of in a responsible manner.

  • Leave in place any fittings [eg. fireplace, mechanical installation, flooring, shed etc.] installed by the tenant during their tenancy, unless permission is granted in writing by the Council to remove them.

[Section 8 of Kildare County Council’s Tenancy Handbook: A Guide to Making the Most of your Tenancy refers.]


  • Prior to the tenant leaving the property an inspection will be carried out by housing technical staff to assess the condition of the property.

If there is:

  • Damage to the property, above normal wear and tear, and repairs which were the responsibility of the tenant;

  • Missing items from the property;

  • Cleaning required to be undertaken;

  • Rubbish to be removed;

  • Unpaid rent;

    Then the associated costs will be deducted from the tenancy deposit.


  • In the event of a dispute with regard to the payment and/or refund of the deposit an appeal can be submitted to the local authority and the Chief Executive will appoint an appropriate person to consider the appeal and determine the case.

Date of Implementation

The tenant deposit scheme was adopted by the members of Kildare County Council a meeting of full council on Monday, 22 October 2018.


The tenant deposit scheme will apply to new tenancy agreements entered into as and from

1 January 2019.



Tenant Handbook

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