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KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 The operating environment in which a local authority works is dynamic and ever-changing and is influenced by a number of factors both external and internal. Funding and compliance requirements of the European Union under EU Directives together with national policies and funding programmes play a significant role in influencing our operating environment. Since 1 January 2015 Kildare is part of the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly which plays an important role in promoting and supporting balanced regional development. There is also a relationship and inter-dependency between local authorities concerning regional issues. Kildare County Council has a staff of circa 900 carrying out a wide range of functions and providing services to the citizens of this county in conjunction with a wide range of Government Departments and State Agencies together with partners in the community voluntary and business sectors. The impact of the reduction in both financial and human resources to the organisation in recent years is reflected in the programmes and activities included in this Plan. Significant efficiencies have been achieved in the organisation in recent years to reflect the changing economic and social climate in which we operate. Efficiencies will continue to be achieved through a best practice approach over the lifetime of this Plan. Kildares close proximity to Dublin provides the county with many economic and infrastructural opportunities and has many key strategic and competitive advantages. The population growth experienced in the county has impacted on the ability of basic services and supports to respond to demand. For example Kildare experiences the lowest level of basic service nationally across a range of services. Kildares proximity to the capital is a key consideration for future planning service delivery and sustainability. The key principles of the Action Programme for Effective Local Government Putting People First are embodied in this Plan operational efficiency of this organisation married with representational effectiveness and accountability of our elected members. Both the external and internal operating environment will continue to shape and influence the allocation and prioritisation of resources and the strategic direction of this local authority throughout the term of the Corporate Plan. Local government will lead economic social and community development locally. It will be the main vehicle of governance and public service at local level deliver efficient and good value services and represent citizens and communities as effectively and accountably as possible. Action Programme for Effective Local Government Putting People First Appendix 1 of this Plan sets out the main service areas by sector. Operating Environment 14