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KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 2.1 To strive to minimise the impact on the environment from all our activities through energy conservation and reduced carbon emissions. 2.2 To implement the policies and objectives of the Regional Waste Management Plan 2015-2021 when adopted. 2.3 To support and facilitate opportunities for sustainable employment by co-operating with national and local development agencies to maximise job creation in the county. 2.4 To ensure a co-ordinated and cohesive development of micro-enterprise which contributes to economic growth and job creation. 2.5 To assist Irish Water in identification of water infrastructure deficits in the county. 2.6 As an employer Kildare County Council will promote a culture of respect for the diversity of employees and provide them with a flexible and quality working life. 2.7 To ensure that all local authority premises comply with sustainability requirements through energy audits and low carbon emissions. 2.8 To continue to migrate the councils transport fleet to sustainable and renewable energy fuels as funding permits. 2.9 To support and facilitate existing and alternative agricultural and rural based economic activities. 2.10 To facilitate and support the provision of broadband infrastructure throughout Kildare via the library network. 2. To facilitate and encourage sustainable economic growth and employment 22