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KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Successful implementation of the corporate plan will involve a collaborative approach at a number of levels Between staff across the whole organisation. Between councillors and staff working as a cohesive unit delivering agreed programmes. Between Kildare County Council and national and local public bodies. Between Kildare County Council and local development agencies interest groups and citizens. The Corporate Plan will influence plans and strategies of the council over the next five years in particular the annual budgetary process the annual service delivery plan individual departments business plans the performance management system and performance indicators. Annual Service Delivery Plan The Corporate Plan sets out the framework for the Annual Service Delivery Plan. This Plan will set out the activities to be undertaken across all key functional areas so as to deliver on the objectives contained in this Corporate Plan. The Plan will be linked to the budgetary process the Performance Management and Development System PMDS and performance indicators. Annual Budget Each year the objectives and strategies in this Plan will be matched to the financial resources available to the council as part of the annual budget process. A quarterly report will be provided to the council setting out the financial position of the organisation. The Finance Committee of Kildare County Council and the Audit Committee which includes external membership will meet regularly. Performance Management Development System The aims contained in the Management Team PMDS Plan will be reflective of the objectives in this Plan and in particular will have regard to The development of corporate management and improvement of customer and members services Manage the organisations financial and human resources Promote sustainable economic development Promote social inclusion and community development Promote corporate governance Promote sustainable environmental initiatives Implement the Local Government Reform Programme. Implementation and Monitoring 30