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H HOUSING H1 to H6 H1 Social Housing Stock H2 Housing Voids H3 Average Re-Letting Time and Cost H4 Housing Maintenance Cost H5 Private Rented Sector Inspections H6 Long-Term Homeless Adults P PLANNING P1 to P4 P.1 New Buildings Inspected P.2 No.Percentage of Planning Decisions Confirmed by An Bord Pleanala P.3 Percentage of Planning Enforcement Cases Closed as Resolved P.4 Cost per Capita of the Planning Service E WASTEENVIRONMENT E1 to E5 E.1 Number of Licensees Operating in Local Authority Area E.2 No.Percentage of Households with Access to a 3 Bin Service E.3 No. of Waste Complaints Lodged with the EPA Office of Environmental Enforcement E.4 Percentage of Other i.e. Not Waste Environmental Pollution Complaints Closed E.5 Percentage of Local Authority Area within the 5 Levels of Litter Pollution W WATER W1 and W2 W.1 Unaccounted for Water as Percentage of Total Volume of Water Supplied under Local Authority Schemes. W.2 Percentage Drinking Water public and private schemes in Compliance with Statutory Requirements. R ROADS R1 and R2 R.1 Ratings in Pavement Surface Condition Index R.2 Percentage of Motor Tax Transactions Conducted On-Line F FIRE SERVICE F1 to F3 F.1 Cost per Capita of the Fire Service F.2 Service Mobilisation F.3 Percentage of Attendance at Scenes. L LIBRARYRECREATION SERVICES L1 and L2 L.1 Library Visits L.2 Cost of Operating a Library Service Y YOUTHCOMMUNITY Y1 to Y4 Y.1 Participation in Comhairle na ng Scheme Y.2 No. of Gateway Participants Employed as Percentage of Target. Y.3 Percentage of Nominees to LCDC Membership via the PPN Structures from the Most Marginalised SICAP Groups Y.4 No. Progressing to FT PT or Self-Employment within 6 Months of Receipt of a Goal 3 Employment Support. C CORPORATE C1 to C4 C.1 Total Number of WTEs C.2 Working Days Lost to Sickness C.3 No. of Page Visits to Local Authority Website C.4 Overall Cost of ICT Provision per WTE. M FINANCE M1 and M2 M.1 5 Year Summary of Revenue Account Balance M.2 5 Year Summary of Percentage Collection Levels for Major Revenue Sources. J ECONOMIC DEVELOMENT J1 J.1 No. of Jobs Created Performance Indicators KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Appendix 3 36