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Corporate Policy Group The work of the strategic policy committees is co-ordinated through the corporate policy group with membership comprising the Mayor of the county council Chairperson of each SPC A member from any municipal district which does not have representation on the CPG. The CPG acts as a link between the SPCs and full council and provides a forum where policy positions affecting the whole council can be agreed for submission to full council. 5 Strategic Policy Committees Kildare County Council approved a Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2014-2019 on 26 November 2014. Kildare County Council has five Strategic Policy Committees SPCs Economic Development Enterprise and Planning Transportation Safety and Emergency Services Environmental Services and Water Housing Local Community and Cultural The membership of SPCs is made up of elected Councillors and representatives of the social partners and sectoral interests. Each SPC is chaired by an elected Councillor and is supported by a Director of Service. The role of each SPC is to formulate develop and review policies for their respective areas of responsibility. The Council will remain the decision making authority and it is the task of the SPCs to advise and assist the Council in its work.