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Drinking Water Quality


The quality of water in Ireland is regulated by the European Communities (Drinking Water) (No. 2) Regulations 2007.  The aim of Kildare Co Co is to supply high quality water which complies with the regulations.  If there is a non compliance or a failure to meet a standard this is investigated and actions are taken to return to compliance.    

The Environmental Health Service HSE (Co Kildare) monitors drinking water quality on behalf of Kildare Co Co.  The samples are analysed by the Public Analysts’ Laboratory Dublin 2.  If it is considered that there is a risk to public health from a water supply the consumers will be informed. 

Monitoring results are tabulated below and will be updated regularly. 

The water supplied from Ballymore Eustace Waterworks, Leixlip Waterworks and Rathvilly Waterworks is tested extensively at the waterworks and also in each County Council distribution system.  Testing for the Cryptosporidium micro-organism is carried out at each waterworks where water is sourced from surface water.

Public Water Supply

The drinking waters produced and distributed by Local Authorities or its agents are termed Public Water Supplies. In County Kildare there are 11 public supplies. This includes supplies serving the Town Council areas.  The main supplies are




Supply areas

Poulaphouca Regional

Surface Water

treated at Dublin City Co WTW Ballymore Eustace

Naas, Newbridge, Kill, Clane, Kilcock, Donadea, Derrinturn, Johnstownbridge, Athy (part), Kilcullen, Suncroft, KildareTown(part),Ballymore Eustace, Ballitore, Moone, Timolin, Kilkea, Celbridge South and surrounding areas

Leixlip Regional

Surface Water

treated at Fingal Co Co WTW Leixlip

Leixlip, Maynooth, Celbridge and surrounding areas

North CarlowSouth Kildare Regional

Surface Water treated at Carlow Co Co WTW Rathvilly, Co Carlow


Athy TownCouncil Supply

Groundwater 3 bored wells and an Infiltration Gallery

Athy Town Council area

Monasterevin Well Field

Groundwater 4 bored Wells

Monasterevin, Kildangan, Kilberry and part of Athy

Rathangan Well Field

Groundwater 6 bored Wells

Rathangan, Kildare town western part and area

Castlemitchell, Churchtown

Groundwater  Bored well

Castlemitchell area


Groundwater  Bored well


Clogherinkoe Housing

Groundwater  Bored well



Groundwater  Bored well



Groundwater  Bored well



The quality of the public water supplies in Co. Kildare is of a high standard.  The water is safe to drink. 


The results of our Drinking Water:

2017 Drinking Water Results

2016 Drinking Water Results

2015 Drinking Water Results

2014 Drinking Water Results

2013 Drinking Water Results

2012 Drinking Water Results

2011 Drinking Water Results

Water Tests Summary, Explanation & Limits

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Trihalomethanes Levels Results in Co. Kildare Water Supply 2011

File Size: 48KB - Document Type: MS Word

Lead in Drinking Water - Results

File Size: 49KB - Document Type: MS Word

The Environmental Protection Agency - Supervisory Authority

The European Communities (Drinking Water) (No 2) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 278 0f 2007) established the Environmental Protection Agency as the Supervisory Authority over Water Service Authorities (Local Authorities). This assigns a range of executive powers to the Agency. In addition to its executive powers, the EPA prepares an annual report on Drinking Water Quality inIreland.

The EPA is the Supervisory Authority for drinking water supplied by Kildare County Council (Water Services Authority).

Kildare County Council (Water Services Authority) is the Supervisory Authority for drinking water produced by Group Water Supply Schemes and some private sources.


The EPA report, The Provision and Quality of Drinking Water in Ireland: A Report for the Year 2010, assesses the safety and security of drinking water supplies covered by the European Communities (Drinking Water) (No. 2) Regulations, 2007.  These Regulations assign the role of supervisory authority over public drinking water supplies to the EPA and give powers of enforcement to ensure action is taken where the quality of public drinking water is deficient. This report provides an assessment of the quality of drinking water based on the results of monitoring carried out in 2010 and highlights EPA enforcement in the same period. 

 Link to the EPA website: The Provision and Quality of Drinking Water in Ireland - A Report for the Year 2010

Kildare County Council Drinking Water Results on the EPAs Annual Report appear as follows:

2010 Drinking Water Results - Co.Kildare Summary

File Size: 231KB - Document Type: Acrobat pdf

Drinking Water Incidents & Notifications-Co.Kildare

File Size: 26KB - Document Type: MS Word

Sampling of Water Supplies - Co.Kildare

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There are no supplies in Co.Kildare listed on the Remedial Action List.


Group Water Schemes

Voluntary Community groups also may produce drinking water. These Group Schemes are operated and managed by the Group. A Group can consist of as few as 2 residences. The groups receive subsidies from the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government. The County Council Rural Water staff provides technical and administrative advice to these groups and administers the grants and subsidy schemes on behalf of the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government.
Group Water Supply Schemes can be subdivided into two types:

Public Group Water Supply Schemes:  The scheme is connected to the public mains and the Group Scheme manages the distribution network.

Private Group Water Supply Schemes: The water is sourced and distributed by the Group.

The European Communities (Drinking Water) (No 2) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 278 0f 2007) established the Water Service Authorities as the Supervisory Authority over Group Water Supply Schemes. This assigns a range of executive powers to the Water Service Authorities.

Private Well Water Supplies

Individual premises or residences sometimes have their own drinking water source such as a well.  It is the responsibility of the water supplier to ensure that the water quality meets the required standards.

The following link provides some advisory information:

Private Water Supply Advice Information Leaflet

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