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The 1 Air Defence Regiment (ADR) 

The 1st Air Defence Regiment is currently the only fully integrated unit in the Irish Defence Forces, consisting of a mix of regular and reserve personnel.
Based at our new Headquarters in the Curragh Camp, the Regiment's objective is to continue providing a quality service to the Defence Forces and the community.

Some of the Unit Weaponry

Bofor L 60 40 MM



The Flycatcher 
The Flycatcher system weighs about 4,409 lb (2000 kg) and is accommodated in a container 8 ft 11.5 in (2.73 m) long, 6 ft 11.5 in (2.12 m) wide and 6 ft 11.85 in (2.13 m) high increasing to 11 ft 1.75 in (3.65 m) high with the dual search-and-track antenna system raised. The Pulse-Doppler radar system searches for targets through 360 degrees and out to a range of about 21,875 yards (20000 m).  The system is capable of targeting targets moving at up to 971 ft (1,118.5 mph; 1800 km/h) with vertical speeds of up to 985 ft (300 m) per second, the associated weapon opening fire as soon as the right engagement criteria have been established. 

RBS 70 & Giraffe
The missile is man portable and can be used independently.  

Normally, a  Giraffe 40 search (40 km) and track (20 km) radar hands off targets to the laser beam riding missile.

Data from the radar is collated at a target data receiver which displays the tracks for different targets. They are handed off to different launchers, the launcher operator being cued by headphones giving different tones depending on whether the target is to the left or right (relative positions between radar and launchers are measured during set up of the units, but launchers can operate independently).







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