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Defence Forces Logistics Base Curragh (LBC)

The Logistics Base Curragh provides all the 3rd line workshops of the Ordnance, CIS and Transport and Vehicle Maintenance Corps, their associated main technical stores and the Engineer Corps main stores.  Also in the unit are the Ammunition Depot, the Ordnance Weapons, Clothing and Soft Ordnance stores, the Engineer Heavy Plant and the Curragh Camp Fire Service. 

The Units of the Logistics Base Curragh

Ammunition Depot
The Ammunition Depot's mission is to store ammunition. It also monitors, tests and maintains ammunition in a safe and secure environment in order to issue serviceable ammunition.


CIS Base Workshop (CISBWS)

The role of the Communications and Information Base Workshop:
Is to provide third level maintenance on CIS Corps large and small volume equipment.
Carry out all equipment evaluations and purchase recommendations.
Draft all new equipment specifications and draft Technical Maintenance Instructions and Safety Standards for CIS Corps equipment. 
Maximise and assess all CIS Corps equipment potential. Advise on technical training for CIS Corps technicians



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Logistics Base Role

The Role of the Defence Forces Logistic Base is the implementation and maintenance of a single Defence Forces Logistics Base within the Defence Forces Training Centre.


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