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1 Armoured Cav








The 1 Armoured Cavalry Squadron (1 ACS) 

The 1 Armoured Cavalry Squadron was formally established on the 1st November 1998 as part of the Defence Forces Re-Organisation.

The Unit absorbed personnel from the 1st Armoured Car Squadron, which was the oldest Cavalry Unit in the Defence Forces, dating from 1922 and the 1st Tank Squadron, which was one of the newest units in the Cavalry Corps and also one with the highest profile.

The Squadron comprises of three (3) Tank Troops each containing 4 Scorpion C.V.R.(T). (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked)) and one (1) Administration Troop.

The 1st Armoured Cavalry Squadron is a highly mobile, flexible and active operational Unit within the Irish Defence Forces. The Scorpion C.V.R.T. is a well-established armoured combat vehicle having seen combat service with the British Forces in the Falklands War, the 1991 Gulf War and the most recent conflict in Iraq. 

In all these Conflicts the Scorpion C.V.R.T. excelled at its tasks and distinguished itself as a very reliable and effective Combat vehicle.







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