Comhairle Mac Léinn Coláiste Chinn Fuaith

The Constitution of Confey College Student Council is the basic document by which the Student Council conducts its activities. It is reproduced fully below, along with all latest amendments. It was approved by the Student Council 1997-98 in May 1998.


  1. The name of the council is Comhairle Mac Léinn Coláiste Chinn Fuaith – Confey College Student Council (hereinafter called the Council).
  2. The membership of the Council shall consist of two representatives - preferably one male, one female - elected by each tutor group in the school. Elections shall be organised by each class tutor.
  3. The class representatives shall elect an Executive Committee, consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer. The positions of President and Treasurer shall be open solely to Senior Cycle students. All other positions shall be open to Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle students.
  4. The term of office of the Executive Committee shall commence on 1st October, and shall cease at the end of the following September.
  5. In the third week of September the Class Representatives shall be elected. The Annual General Meeting of the Council shall take place in the fourth week of September. The treasurer’s report shall be presented and a new Executive Committee shall be elected, and any other business may also be considered at that time.
  6. A member of Staff shall act as Liaison between the Council, Staff, and Principal. This member of staff shall attend Council meetings.
  7. Amendments to this Constitution shall be by a two-thirds majority of Council members present, following prior notification given of such proposed amendment(s).
  8. The Principal shall have decision-making powers re recommendations of the Council.
  9. A noticeboard shall be positioned in Room Six. Suggested items for the agenda of meetings of the Council shall be posted on this noticeboard and shall be prioritised by the Secretary two days before each meeting. The agenda for meetings of the Council shall be submitted to the staff liaison the day before the meeting.


To express the opinions and views of Students to staff, Board of Management, and Parents Association. To support and promote the ethos of the School.


  1. Prior to elections students should be fully informed on the duties and responsibilities of the Council by the Executive Committee.
  2. Class representatives are expected to bring forward class views to Council meetings.
  3. The Council may be involved in organising fund-raising activities etc.
  4. The Council shall manage and distribute any funds of the Council.
  5. Council meetings shall be held once a week, during lunchtime or as required.
  6. Regular bulletins shall detail the progress of the council.
  7. The work of the council shall not affect class teaching time.
  8. Any council member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the council without reasonable explanation may be deemed to have resigned from the Council and shall be notified to that effect by the Secretary.
  9. Any member of the Executive Committee, who fails to carry out the duties of their office to the satisfaction of the Council, may be dismissed from their office by a two-thirds vote of Council members present.


  1. Where there is only one nomination for a position that candidate shall be deemed elected.
  2. In the event of the resignation of a member of the Executive Committee, an election shall be held to fill that position.
  3. (i) The two candidates who have accumulated the highest number of votes for the position of PRO, in November 1998, shall be deemed elected as joint Public Relations Officers.
    (ii) The Joint Public Relations Officers shall both have equal responsibility for the duties of the Public Relations Officer during the years 1998-1999. (iii) Both Joint Public Relations Officers shall be members of the Executive Committee and have equal say and voting rights at meetings of the executive committee.
    (iv) This article 4.3 shall cease to be part of the Constitution as and from September 31, 1999, and shall cease to have force as and from that date.


1. The duties of the President shall be as follows:

  1. To preside at every meeting of the Council
  2. To act as a representative of the student body of the school at functions etc.
  3. To address the Board of Management or Parents Council as required.
  4. To speak to incoming Executive Committee on their duties and responsibilities.

2. The duty of the Vice President shall be to take over the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.

3. The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:

  1. To record the proceedings, discussions, and decisions of all meetings, retain such records and give a copy to the Staff Liaison the following day.
  2. To record attendance at Council meetings.
  3. To send such letters and to perform such duties as may be directed by the Council.
  4. To oversee that the correct procedure is adhered to in relation to the election of a President at the Annual General Meeting.

4. The duty of the Assistant Secretary shall be to take over the responsibilities of the Secretary in his/her absence.

5.The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

  1. To be responsible for the collection and lodgement in the Council’s bank account of the Council’s money.
  2. To furnish such details of the finances thereof as may from time to time be required by the Council.
  3. To present a financial report at the Annual General Meeting.

6. The duties of the Public Relations Officer shall be to promote the activities of the Student Council both in the school and in the community.