Structure of the Student Council

Under its Constitution, adopted in May 1998, the Student Council consists of fifty Class Representatives and the Staff Liaison Officer. The Class Representatives are two democratically elected students from each class in the school. They are expected to bring forward their classmates' views to the Council. The Staff Liaison Officer is appointed by School Management to communicate the views of the Council to staff and management, and represent the views of Management at the Council.

At the beginning of the year the Class Representatives elect an Executive Committee. These are the officers of the Council who carry on the day-to-day work of the Council between meetings. The President is the Chairperson of the Council, and represents the Council at functions, meetings etc. He/She is assisted in this regard by the Vice-President who acts as Chairperson in the President's absence.

The Secretary takes the minutes of the Council's meetings and sends letters when required by the Council, and is assisted by the Assistant Secretary. The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Council, while the Public Relations Officer promotes the work of the Council in the school and the community at large. This year, it was decided that two PROs would be better than one, so we have two Joint PROs for this year only.