A Handbook for Parents 2017-2018


We strive to ensure that the subjects, activities and teaching methodologies that are supported will ensure that the needs of all students are catered for, not only for now, but also for life. The school curriculum is a formal expression of those practices and activities that are designed to fulfil the aims and objectives outlined in the school's Mission Statement. Note that there are some differences in the subjects available for students studying for the Junior Certificate and the Leaving Certificate examinations. Subjects that are available only at Senior Cycle are in brackets. It is useful to look at the school curriculum under three general headings:

1. Core curriculum
2. Optional curriculum
3. Co-curricular activities

1. Core curriculum
All students follow the Core Curriculum outlined below at Junior Cycle. (Students have a greater degree of subject choice at Senior Cycle.)

  • Religious Education
  • Physical Education
  • Tutorial
  • Computer Studies
  • Irish
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • History
  • Geography
  • German or French
  • Social, Personal & Health Education
  • Civic, Social & Political Education

2. Optional curriculum
Optional curriculum is that curriculum from which students may make a choice as to whether or not they wish to do certain subjects. These subjects will be offered with due regard to available resources.

  • Art, Craft and Design
  • Business Studies (Accounting, Business Organisations and Economics)
  • Home Economics (Home Economics Social & Scientific)
  • Materials Technology (Wood) (Construction Studies)
  • Metalwork (Engineering)
  • Technical Graphics (Technical Drawing)
  • Technology
  • German
  • Information Technology

3. Co-curricular activities
This very vital aspect of education, particularly for personal development and may include the following:

  • Swimming
  • Ice Skating
  • Hill Walking
  • Hostelling
  • Debating (Irish & English)
  • Drama
  • Gaelic Football (Boys & Girls)
  • Soccer (Boys & Girls)
  • Indoor Soccer (Boys& Girls)
  • Hurling
  • Basketball
  • Slogadh
  • Table Tennis
  • Golf
  • Pitch & Putt
  • German Exchange
  • Chess & Draughts
  • Computer Club
  • School Magazine
  • School Trips To European Countries
  • Cross Country & Athletics
  • Olympic Handball

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