A Handbook for Parents 2017-2018

General Information for Parents

Telephone, Facsimile & Email Telephone: 01-6245 322
Facsimile: 01 6245 478

Class Tutor & Year Head
Each class group is assigned a Class Tutor. The Tutor takes special responsibility for his or her group and encourages positive discipline and academic performance. The Tutor meets his or her group each morning during the Tutorial Period. The class register is checked during this time and lateness and absences noted. The Tutor signs the Student Journal regularly and may enter written observations on a students progress and behaviour.

Each year group (first year second year, etc.) has a Year Head. The Year Head is responsible for the overall discipline, attendance, punctuality, academic progress and pastoral development for the students within a given year group. The school operates a Year Book system whereby a teacher may make written reports to the Year Head regarding a students progress and behaviour. (Please refer to the Code of Discipline contained in this booklet.) Where a student is given a Year Book entry, a note to this effect is written into the student's journal by the relevant teacher.

Student Journal
Each student must possess a Confey College Student Journal. This journal contains an abridged copy of the Code of Discipline and affords teachers the opportunity to make positive comments on student progress and behaviour.

Code of Discipline
We recommend that parents, together with their sons and daughters, should study carefully the school's Code of Discipline. Students who attend Confey College are deemed to have studied and to have agreed to the Code of Discipline. The Code serves to

ensure that teaching and learning can be undertaken in a caring, safe and respectful environment and is there for the benefit of parents, students and teachers.

Attendance & Punctuality
Students are expected to attend school every day on time and in full uniform. If, for some reason, a student cannot attend school on a given day, a note, from a parent or guardian, explaining this absence should be written into the students journal. This note should then be presented to the students Class Tutor or Year Head. If a student is required to leave the school early, a note to this effect should be written into the student's journal by a parent/guardian. The students Year Head should then sign the note and the student must also 'sign-out' at the school Administration Office. Students who come late to school must fill out a 'late card' and sign-in at the Administration Office. The completed late card is signed by a teacher and processed. Details on sanctions applicable for poor punctuality are contained in the Code of Discipline.
Students who are absent without permission will also have sanctions imposed according to the Code of Conduct

Contacting the School
We welcome and encourage frequent, open and positive communications with parents. In Confey College, much of this contact will be by way of the student journal, parent/teacher meetings and school reports and assessments. On some occasions, in the interests of good teaching and learning, R may be necessary for a parent to be in more direct contact with the school.
Schools are very busy places and, as with any organisation, it is necessary to put in place procedures for contacting the school. The Department of Education & Science (Circular M18/99) recommends that parents make a prior appointment to see the relevant teacher, tutor or Year Head. In urgent cases, where a prearranged appointment is not appropriate, the parent should, in the first instance, report to the school secretary. The practice of parents approaching classrooms directly

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