A Handbook for Parents 2017-2018

General Information for Parents

during teaching time should be expressly discouraged. Specifically, access to teachers should be on an 'appointment only' basis.
Where a parent wishes to raise a matter of concern relating to school procedures or teaching/learning, they are requested to make an appointment to see the teacher, tutor, Year Head or Principal/Deputy Principal as appropriate.

Parent Teacher Meetings
It is school policy to facilitate parent/teacher meetings with each year-group for the purposes of discussing student progress with parents. Information on parent/teacher meetings will be included on the school calendar. This calendar is sent to all parents shortly after the commencement of the academic year.

Photocopying Fee
To offset the increasing costs of photocopying resource materials for students, an annual photocopying fee is charged.

Chaplaincy, Counselling & Pastoral Care
One of the important roles played by the school is to tend to the pastoral and spiritual needs of our students. While all teachers play a pastoral role, the school has particular staff members assigned with special expertise in the pastoral and spiritual needs. In particulars the school draws on the School Chaplain and the School Counsellor. Tutors and Year Heads are in regular contact with these teachers with a view to ensure that students are content in school and to be of help in times of difficulty. We encourage parents to contact the Chaplain, Counsellor, Year Head, Tutor or any member of staff should they be aware of any difficulties being experienced by their son or daughter.

Learning Support Service
The primary role of the school is to cater for the emotional and academic development of its students. From time-to-time, some students may require additional help and support. The school has in place a range of initiatives and structures designed to provide teaming support where required. This can include a 'paired reading' programme and intensive tuition in key subjects by the teaming support team. The school has a qualified Learning Support Teacher who biases with the local primary school. The Learning Support Teacher also conducts assessment of students from

time-to-time. Parents should inform the Learning Support Teacher where they are aware of any condition that may adversely affect the progress of their child. In certain circumstance, the Department of Education & Science may make special provision for some students sitting Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations.

School Trips
The school aims to balance the achievement of academic excellence with social and personal development of students. School Trips and outings can make an important contribution to the achievement of this aim. From time to time, the school will organise trips to locations both at home and abroad. As far as possible, these will be organised during school holidays or at weekends. Out of necessity, some outings will take place during school time Students, as 'ambassadors of the school', are expected to conform to the highest standards of behaviour and courtesy. A high standard of self-discipline and trust is required. Any breach of trust may result in parents being contacted and requested to arrange the return of their son/daughter. In some cases, it is the practice of the school to impose an appropriate monetary fine on a student for breach of trust or inappropriate behaviour, for example, behaviour likely to be a risk to health and safety. Parents will be contacted in such cases. In cases of serious misbehaviour, students may be excluded from school trips and/or activities, with a right of appeal to the Board of Management.

Student Lockers
Students may avail of the opportunity to have a personal locker in the school. These are allocated on a 'First come, first served' basis. The cost for a locker is 20 Euro per year. Students are allowed to place or retrieve items from their locker at break/lunch time, before tutorial period each morning, or at the end of school each day. Students are not allowed to visit lockers during class or at change of class.

School Equipment
Students are expected to have all necessary books, copies and other equipment required for class. Items such as radios, personal stereos and mobile telephones are considered to be non-essential items for teaching and learning and should not be brought to school.

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