A Handbook for Parents 2017-2018


Teachers at Confey College place great emphasis on homework and study. Homework allows each student to develop the skills and to learn the facts recently taught in class. Homework and study helps each student to build self-confidence and to develop organisational skills and self-discipline. They also give parents a chance to become involved in their son or daughters education. Homework involves oral, aural and written work and is vital for examination success.

How much homework?

We believe that on average, your child should be doing eight hours of homework each week during the First Year of Secondary Education. This should increase to approximately 15 to 18 hours per week in the students Junior Certificate year. At Senior Cycle, 15 to 18 hours per week is essential during 5th year to ensure a good grounding for the Leaving Certificate examination. (We strongly recommend that students do not undertake part-time work during their senior cycle as this can adversely affect their performance in the Leaving Certificate Examination.) During the year, as the examination gets nearer, students should be undertaking approximately 20 to 25 hours per week of homework and study. While this may seem considerable, it is important to note that the Leaving Certificate is a national examination taken by students throughout the country. The school provides supervised study for examination students in and 6th year to assist them in their preparations.

Parents, you can help by

  • Explaining that you sometimes have to do extra work - at home or at work.
  • Checking your daughter's/son's copies and showing an interest in their work.
  • Checking your son's/daughter's Homework Journal and ensuring that you sign the Homework Journal each week.
  • Ensuring that your daughter/son has a suitable place to do homework.
  • Ensuring that your son/daughter has the proper books and equipment ready for each school day.
  • Offering encouragement and advice, particularly during examination years.

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