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Activities and Equipment
The emphasis is on free-play, which means the child has the freedom to choose. Children need this freedom of choice if they are to grow up as responsible, independent people.

A varied range of equipment is provided to give opportunities for all kinds of play, creative, imaginative, social, initiative, adventure, constructive and sometimes even destructive play.

The basic essentials are: sand, water, paint, modelling materials, building materials, good picture and story books, manipulative play material, material for active adventure play and, provision for musical activities.
Painting is a must in all playgroups. Children always paint what they feel, unlike adults they never stop to think whether it is artistic or not.
Play Dough Can be rolled, squeezed and hammered to relieve aggression.  It is a great favourite with children.  They get great satisfaction from playing with it and use their imagination to make different things.  This activity also strengthens hand and arm muscles.

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