Playgroup Aspirations
Playgroup Aim
Educating The Child
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                                     Children Supervised Whilst At Play

Playgroup Aim
To develop the child as an individual.
To provide an environment rich in opportunity for the child.
To enable the child by themselves to learn through exploration and discovery.
Educating The Child
There is no formal teaching, no" three R’s, instead "three P’s, Play, Playdough and Paint.

The child will learn:
To converse and mix with other children,
To be happy away from mother,
To develop vocabulary from an early age,
To learn the beginning of self-discipline,
To share,
To "wait his/her turn" and accept the idea of "yours" and "mine",
To express themselves in paint, words, movement, new skills of hand, mind and body.
To gain the confidence of another adult outside home.

The ways of the playgroup fit the children who come. The playgroup programme is also planned to let the children use their bodies as well. They are surrounded by informative pictures and exhibits. There is ample time to ask many questions. Their knowledge, their language, their awareness of the world around us is always changing.

Since Children develop at different rates, there cannot be hard and fast rules, so each child is allowed to develop at their own pace, according to the individuals abilities.

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