Leinster Leader, Saturday, May 21, 1898

(Lord Edward)

There was a meeting held of the above branch in the Town Hall, Kildare, on Sunday last, and it was largely attended. Mr Cosgrove occupied the chair. Also present - Messrs. J T Heffernan, J Fay, P L G, T Boland, W Cogan, J Flanagan, C Bergin, W Colton, J Lynch, P Keating, P Doyle, P Talbot, R McCormack, M Toole, &c, &c.
The Hon Secretary read a reply from Mr L Cullen conveying thanks on behalf of his brothers and family for the vote of sympathy sent to him from the branch.
Mr Heffernan handed in a notice of motion to be proposed at the next meeting, which will be held on Sunday next 22nd, viz: That the Kildare (Lord Edward Branch) be affiliated with the Central organisation in Dublin and that the usual fee be forwarded and that the Central organisation be requested to send at least two representatives to a public meeting to be held here on a date to be fixed. The Hon Secretary was instructed to send circulars to the committee to attend on Sunday to make arrangements to have the town and country suitably illuminated on Monday night, 23rd, in memory of the first blow struck for freedom one hundred years ago. All members are requested to attend.

(Lord Edward)

The last meeting of the committee of this club was held in the rooms on Sunday last, 15th inst. The following members attended 15th inst.
The following members attended - Mr Joe McMahon, J P president in the chair, Messrs P Campion, D Delaney, E Des, J Devoy, J Mulhall, T Dowling, J McDermott, R McCarthy, H T Harrison, hon. sec. The programme of the celebrations adopted by the Executive Council was unanimously approved of. It was resolved unanimously That this club be represented on the day of laying the foundation stone of the Celtic Cross, to be erected in Ballinakill in memory of the ’98 martyrs.
The necessary arrangements for the raffle and the football tournament to be held here on next Sunday, in aid of the ’98 band fund were concluded, and it is to be hoped that a grand day sport will be enjoyed by vast concourse of sympathisers.