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Postponed due to Coronavirus. The Creative Journal Club is a weekly get together for some time out and fun. Your journal can be whatever it needs to be while we connect together over a nice cup of tea.

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Event Details

  • Tue 7 Jan - Tue 21 Jul  2020
  • 12 noon - 1.00pm

  • Cost: Donations accepted

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    Moat Theatre


Posteponed due to Coronavirus. More information on the Artbeat Facebook Page -

If you are self-employed, retired, not working, working part-time, working from home or just happen to be free any Tuesday, this club is for you. This club will be a place for some time-out, relaxation and fun.

A journal is a visual and verbal record of thoughts, ideas, reflections, challenges and inspirations. It is a form of creative self-care. You can write in it, scribble in it, attach images or words, draw or colour, use it as a coaster for your tea, jump on it, it can be messy, and it can be neat and organised. There is no right or wrong. You can use it exactly as you need to. You will be given ideas and prompts and how to get started on using a journal for relaxation or as a supportive tool. Those who already use a journal can share ideas as we journey together and learn from one another. Cathy has a large selection of stencils for anyone to use and these are very popular and great fun.

If you are working on your own creative project, you are most welcome to bring that along and work on it during the hour.

The Moat Theatre are kindly offering their space for free so we ask each person to buy a tea or coffee in support. Donations towards materials are kindly accepted.

Supplies to bring on the first day:
-Any sort of journal. Can be hardback or not. Can be lined or not. Can be any size. Even a copy will do to begin.
Hard backed with no lines is probably the best to start with but we can work with whatever you have.
- A pen/pencil

Additional supplies if you have them:
Different coloured pens (gel pens if you like)
A glue stick (pritt stick)
A magazine or old newspaper or old scraps of paper/receipts
Crayons or colouring pencils 
A paint brush
Poster paints (red, yellow and blue so you can then mix your own colours) put in small easy to carry bottles (toiletry bottles)
Water colour palette set (can get in euro shops)

Contact Cathy if you need anymore information.

Phone: 089 9823888
Instagram: artbeatireland

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