The Silver Branch

Internationally renowned film The Silver Branch is a cinematic eulogy to nature, landscape and agrarian culture, as seen through the eyes of an Irish farmer/poet in the Burren, Co. Clare

The Silver Branch

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  • Sun 14 Oct  2018
  • 8.00pm

  • Cost: €8

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Patrick McCormack has his own fascinating story to tell and  'The Silver Branch' depicts the life and insights of this inimitable philosopher and poet and brings us a rare glimpse of a disappearing way of life with all its richness and roguery. McCormack is a fifth generation farmer in the austerely beautiful Burren in Co. Clare, longs to farm in the quiet pace his ascendents did.

He dedicates himself to "the ancestral song - the symphony of life we were born into" and has a simple wish - to live without fear. However, his life gains a different momentum when he’s called to battle in the Supreme courts to decide on the fate of this iconic wilderness.

Though the documentary is centred around this remarkable storyteller and his search for 'unity of being', this beautifully shot film  explores more universal themes.

It is a story of life, love, family, grief, of commitment and of the struggles of modern day life, which invites the viewer to follow in mindful meditation, to take a journey into the self and exam the relationship between man and landscape, between tradition and spirit, between body and soul

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