Adult Self Defense Classes

Adult self defence classes

Adult Self Defense Classes

Naas Sports CentreNaas

Event Details

  • Sun 7 Apr - Tue 7 Apr  2020
  • 12 to 1.30pm

  • Cost: €10 per class

  • Venue Details
    Naas Sports Centre

    Caragh Road

  • 045 896166

Bujinkan Naas Dojo
Martial arts for self defence
Training in Naas since 2007

The martial art taught by the Bujinkan Naas Dojo is called Budo Taijutsu. 

This complete Japanese art draws together nine ancient schools of classical Japanese martial culture, known as ryuha, into a single study. 

The modern system was created by the current Soke (inheritor) of these schools, Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei. 

Further Information on Bujinkan Naas Dojo,
Tel 086 8517528

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