Parenting Talk

Why Good Kids have meltdowns

Parenting Talk

Athy Community LibraryAthy

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  • Tue 21 May  2019
  • 7pm

  • Cost: Free

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    Athy Community Library

    Old Dominican Church

  • 059-8631144

Parenting Talk: Why “Good Kids” have meltdowns, Answer back and won’t listen

Presented by: Val Mullally

Tuesday 21st  May @ 7.00pm

Discover why your otherwise “well-behaved” child isn’t always easy  and what a parent can do to create a home environment where every family member can thrive. This parenting workshop is for you if at times you:

Feel worried or frustrated by your child’s behaviour.

Want to know how to handle challenging interactions with your child.

Want to build a strong relationship with your child. This workshop is aimed at parents of children aged 3 to 10 years old - how to parent mindfully and respond in a way that will create more enjoyable family relationships and happier, more co-operative children.

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