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  • Tue 18 Jun - Sat 22 Jun  2019
  • 8.00pm

  • Cost: €15/€12

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    Moat Theatre


  • 045 883030

The Moat Club is delighted to announce the next production, Lovers, written by Brian Friel.

 Lovers by Brian Friel is a great example of how love can indeed be a funny old business in more ways than one. With typical Friel genius, the two halves of this lovely work explore different aspects of love, combining poignancy and comedy in equal measure.

 Winners shows us young love in all its innocence and enthusiasm. Mag and Joe, both 17 in a 1960’s Ireland which has not yet begun to swing, are madly in love and looking forward to a long life together. We meet them on a warm June day as they laugh and argue and hope and dream. Funny and engaging, they soon have their audience dreaming and laughing along with them.

 Meanwhile, at a different point on the age spectrum, we meet Hanna and Andy, the Losers. Despite the gloomy title, this part of the play is genuinely hilarious as we get to know the middle aged lovers struggling to hold on to romance and passion against the formidable force that is Hanna’s bedridden mother and her pious friend Cissy.

 An irresistible glimpse at a now vanished Ireland, Lovers is a really charming play full of engaging characters, thought provoking situations and laughter.

 The first section of Lovers, titled "Winners", is directed by Mary Newman and Conor O'Connell and the second section of Lovers, "Losers" is directed by Hugh Gallagher.

Lovers by Brian Friel

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