CINEMA: The Fencer

A touching drama about being needed and finding meaning in life.

CINEMA: The Fencer

Riverbank Arts CentreNewbridge

Event Details

  • Mon 23 Jan  2017
  • 8.00pm

  • Cost: 6.00

  • Venue Details
    Riverbank Arts Centre

    Main St.

  • 045 448330

In the early 1950s, champion fencer Endel Nelis, takes up a teaching position in a remote Estonia School. 

Initially standoffish and unwilling to engage, he eventually warms to the traumatised children of the school, many of whom have been left orphaned by the war or the Soviet occupation.  

Realising that the children need an outlet for hope and self-expression he decides to teach them how to fence and in doing so becomes a father figure for them. 

Based on actual events, this redemptive drama has universal appeal.

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