Upstyle Your Old Furniture

With Adele from the Colour Barn  

Upstyle Your Old Furniture

Athy Community LibraryAthy

Event Details

  • Mon 20 Mar  2017
  • 7pm

  • Cost: Free

  • Venue Details
    Athy Community Library

    Old Dominican Church

  • 059-8631144

OWL Programme

Upstyle Old Furniture with Adele from the Colour Barn

Monday 20th March at 10:30am - 12:30pm

Want to take up a new hobby?  A workshop with a demonstration of basic painting techniques to give old furniture a new lease of life – preparing furniture & painting and demonstrating techniques such as stencilling, layering, distressing and decoupage.  Lots of handy hints and tips on painting walls, furniture, floor etc.  you leave the workshop with a small finished item for your home.

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