Kavanagh's Historical Bibliography of County Kildare

Kavanagh's Historical Bibliography of County Kildare

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Vicars, Arthur  


The family of Flatesbury of Ballynasculloge and Johnstown, Co. Kildare.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. IV, 86--94.

Vigors, P. D.  


Additions to the list of High Sheriffs of the County Kildare.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. IV. 170.

Vigors, P. D.  


Irish seals in the British Museum.

Periodical: J.R.S.A.I. XXXIII, 89--90.

Includes a list which contains the seal of Richard Lang, Bishop of Kildare, 1464.

Vigors, P. D.  


Outline sketch of crannogs with some notes on a crannog recently discovered in Co. Kildare.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. I, 391--402.

Discovered at Lackagh More.

Vossen, A. F.  


Two bokes of the Histories of Ireland compiled by Edmunde Campion. Published: 1963  Publisher: Van Gocum & Co., Assen. 

See Fitzgerald in index.

W. S.  


Roadside crosses in Co. Kildare.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. 1, 40.

Wailes, Bernard  


Excavation at Dun Ailinne, near Kilcullen, 1974.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XV, 345--358.

Wailes, Bernard  


Excavations at Dun Ailinne, Co. Kildare, 1968-9. Interim report.

Periodical: J.R.S.A.I. Vol. 100, Pt. I, 79--90.

Wailes, Bernard  


Excavations at Dun Ailinne, near Kilcullen, 1970.

Periodical: J.KA.S. XIV, 507--517.

Wailes, Bernard  


Excavations at Dun Ailinne, near Kilcullen, 1971.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XV, 5--11.

Wailes, Bernard  


Excavations at Dun Ailinne, near Kilcullen, 1973.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XV, 234--242.

Walker, Henry  


Map of the Curragh of Kildare showing the racecourse, gentlemans seats, etc.,accurately described by H. Walker, 1807.
Wall, Thomas  


Two Fenians in Kildare. I. John Denvir on the Curragh, 2. Stephen Joseph Meany in Naas Gaol.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XIV, 322--333.

Walsh, Martin  


List of the Parish Priests of Castledermot.

Periodical: J.K. A. S. VII. 337

Walsh, Micheline  


Spanish knights of Irish origin. Documents from continental archives, Vol. 1. Published: 1960  Publisher: Stationery Office, Dublin. 

See Kildare in index.

Walsh, Reginald  


A list of ecclesiastics that took the oath of allegiance.

Periodical: Arch. Hib. I, 46--76.

For Kildare Diocese see P. 48--49.

Walsh, Reginald  


A List of the Regulars registered in Ireland pursuant to the Catholic Relief Act of 1829

Periodical: Arch. Hib. 111.34-86

Those in Kildare are listed on p 67-71

Walshe, Patrick T.  


Antiquities of the Dunlavin-Donard district ( counties of Wicklow and Kildare).

Periodical: J.R.S.A.I. LXI, 113--141.

Warburton, R. H. H.  


A Guide to St. James' Church and Surrounding Churchyard, Castledermot Published: 1968.  Publisher: No Imprint 
Ward, Ken L.  


Robertstown and its environs

Periodical: Grand Canal Festa Programme, 1965, P. 18--26 and 31.

Ware, James  


The history of the Bishops of Kildare and such matters ecclesiastical and civil in which they were concerned ...(in: The Whole Works of Sir James Ware concerning Ireland…) Vol.1.379--396. Vol 11. P. 262,269,270,271,272,274,276,278,281,282,283. Publisher: Vol.1 printed for author by E Jones,1739. Vol.11 printed for the author by S.Powell,1745 
Waters, T. S.  


Kildare Hunt and national steeplechase course, 1867. Published: 1867  Publisher: J. Atkinson, Dublin. 

One sheet. Eight by ten and a half inches. Copy in the National Library.

Weldon, A. A.  


A slight sketch of Grangemellon and the story of St. Leger's castle.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. I. 95--101.

Wellesley, Gerald  


Some letters of the Mornington family. 1st. Earl of Mornington to his agent (? Mr. Lydon)

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XII, 30--52.

Contains references to the "Kildare estate"

Went, Arthur E. J.  


Fisheries of the River Liffey. 11.-- notes on the corporation fishery from the dissolution of the monasteries

Periodical: J.R.S.A.I. LXXXIV, 41--58.

Includes an account of the fishery at Leixlip, Co. Kildare.

Went, Arthur E. J.  


Notes on the fisheries of the River Barrow.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XIII, 228--241.

Westropp, M. S. Dudley  


Irish gunsmiths and sword cutlers.

Periodical: The Irish Sword, I, No. 3, 181--187.

Included is John Davisson, Athy, 1734.

Westropp, T. Johnson  


Wogans of Rathcoffey.

Periodical: J.R.SA.I. XXI, 716.

Note re the original grant of Rathcoffey by Edward II to John de Wogan, 27th. August, 1317.

Westropp, Thomas J.  


On Irish motes and early Norman castles.

Periodical: J.R.S.A.I. XXXIV, 313--345.

Includes a description and illustration of the mote at Naas and an account of the mote at Rathmore. An appendix lists the chief motes in Ireland including those in Kildare. Early castles including those in Kildare are given in another appendix.

Whateley, Richard  


Letter from the Archbishop of Dublin to His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland relative to the re-establishment of the Bishoprick of Kildare in union with that of Leighlin. Published: 1842  Publisher: Printed by John W. Parker, London. 
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