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County Kildare History and Heritage

Gordon Bennett Motor Race 1903

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Leinster Leader, Saturday 16 May 1903 – Page 7



The following report was read:- “With reference to the Gordon-Bennett International Motor Car Race, which will take place over portion of this county, the Automobile Club of London have authorised me to expend an amount of money not exceeding my estiamte in steaMr.olling portion of the course, and in executing other works. The contract for the steam-rolling to be done in the Counties of Kildare, Queens and Carlow, has been undertaken by Grainger Brother, Hollywood, Belfast who have great experience in this class of work. The other works we hope to get executed by the present contractors…

The Chairman, in accordance with notice, moved that finger-posts be erected on the principal cross roads of the county. He said in view of the great influx of visitors for the motor race, and the increase in the tourist traffic, it was very necessary to have these direction posts erected.– The County Surveyor said it would be difficult to have them up in time. In the Co. Kildare there was considerable difficulty, as the County Surveyor was required to have the names in Irish as well as in English. The Chairman said they should do the same here. Mr. McMahon, Colt, said they should get iron posts instead of wooden ones. The County Surveyor was proceeding to express his doubts as to the legality of the order, but the Chairman told him he should carry out the order of the Council. It was accordingly ordered that the posts be erected of iron. The names to be in Irish as well as English.