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County Kildare History and Heritage

Gordon Bennett Motor Race 1903

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Leinster Leader, Saturday 20 June 1903, Last Edition - Page 5

Motor cars are the order of the day at Monasterevan. Scarcely a day passes but half a dozen of the now popular vehicles and number-less motor bicycles rush through the town or put up at the renovated hotel here, newly styled “The Motors’ Rest.” Stands from which to view the contest are being mentioned all along the line, and one at least is fast approaching completion at the top of Ballintogher height, commanding a capital view as far as Dunne’s hill. The prices asked are 5s. and 10s., the latter for reserved seats. Several small stands for private parties are being planned at several points, all more or less favourably placed. The rise and fall of ground all round here is favourable to a good view, and the easy access to the railway stations at Monasterevan and Portarlington render this side of the course a most desirable one to those who are not determined to see the finish at all costs. Quite a number of visitors from the South have arranged to put up at Monasterevan, and the question of sleeping as well as stand accommodation is becoming urgent. The Ballintogher Cricket Club deserve much praise for their effort in the latter direction. A map showing drawings of their stand appears in the General Stores window, and attracts considerable attention.