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County Kildare History and Heritage

Gordon Bennett Motor Race 1903

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Leinster Leader, Saturday 23 May 1903 – Page 6


Before Colonel T. J. de Burgh (chairman), Mr. Hans Hendrik Aylmer, and Colonel Wogan Browne.

The Chairman asked if the County Inspector proposed to make any application in regard to occasional licenses for the motor races. Mr. Aylmer said they did not want to have applications coming before them day after day, and they would probably want to fix one particular day in Naas for giving them. Chairman: I should think none at all should be given. Mr. Aylmer was understood to agree with this opinion. The Chairman said that, as the County Inspector was responsible for the order on the day of the races, it would be well if he made a statement as to his views before the magistrates. Otherwise, magistrates might give occasional licenses and create a lot of disorder. D.I. Gray said he would consult the County Inspector on the matter. Chairman: The view of the bench about occasional licenses for the motor race in July is that no magistrate ought to give an occasional license except in petty sessions, and that a special petty sessions would be held later on for deciding the matter, in case of occasional licenses being brought forward from any particular district. Mr. Aylmer: It does not follow we will give any.