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Name & Title Sex Occupation Listed location Other Address Year
Cloncurry, Lord M Deputy Vice-Chairman; Poor Law Union Celbridge Lyons House, Rathcoole   1854
Clonmel, Earl of M Deputy Lieutenant Bishop's Court, Naas   1854
Clonmel, Earl of, D.L. M Magistrate Bishop's Court, Naas   1854
Coates, William M Magistrate Kilcock   1854
Cogan, Wm. Henry Ford, Esq. M Barrister/ Member for the County 52, Rathmines Mall, Dublin Tinode, Co. Wicklow 1854
Cole, Edward Henry M Magistrate Moore Abbey, Monasterevan   1854
Coleman, Henry M Stamp Distributer Rathangan   1854
Colgan, Francis M Magistrate Cappagh   1854
Colgan, Richard M Clerk, Petty Sessions Court, Clane (second Tuesday)     1854
Colley, George Francis, Hon. M Magistrate Rathangan   1854
Colley, Henry FitzGeorge M Magistrate Rathangan   1854
Colthurst, Charles M Magistrate Lucan House, Lucan   1854
Colthurst, Charles, Esq. M High-Sheriff (1853-54) Lucan House, Lucan   1854
Connor, Peter M Barony Cess Collector Kilcullen     1854
Conolly, Samuel, Esq. M Governor (County Gaol, Athy)     1854
Conolly, Thomas, M.P. M Deputy Lieutenant Castletown, Celbridge   1854
Conolly, Thso., M.P., D.L. M Magistrate Castletown House, Celbridge   1854
Cooke, Thomas M Magistrate Millicent, Naas   1854
Copinger, Christopher, Esq., Q.C. (1842) M Chairman of Quarter Sessions Abbeyview, Dalkey Chambers, 2, Lower Abbey-street 1854
Coppinger, William P. M Sub-Inspector Station Naas (Constabulary Officer)     1854
Cornwall, W.F. M Sub-Inspector Station Robertstown (Constabulary Officer)     1854
Croker, Edward M Magistrate Ballitore House   1854
Currin, Andrew M Apothecary; Medical Officer of Fever Hospital Naas     1854
Dallon, George M Barony Cess Collector Naas, north Naas   1854
Dancer, Thomas Bernard, Sir, (bart.) M Magistrate Blackhall, Clane   1854
De Burgh, Thomas M Magistrate Oldtown, Naas   1854
De Burgh, Thos., Esq. M Board of Superintendence (County Gaol, Naas)     1854
De Burgh, Walter Hussey M Magistrate Donore House, Naas   1854
De Burgh, Walter, Rev. M Inspector and Chaplain (County Gaol, Naas)     1854
Deane, John A. M Barony Cess Collector Salt, north Maynooth   1854
Delany, John, Rev. M Chaplain; (Roman Catholic) Poor Law Union Naas     1854
Dennis, Thomas S. M Magistrate Fort Granite, Baltinglass   1854
Donohue, Thomas M Barony Cess Collector Clane Clane   1854
Dowling, Thomas M Stamp Distributer Newbridge   1854
Downes, Lord M Magistrate Bert House, Athy   1854
Downes, Lord, Right Hon. M Board of Superintendence (County Gaol, Athy)     1854
Downshire, Marquess of M Magistrate Hillsborough, Co. Down   1854
Doyle, Gerald, Rev. M R.C. Chaplain (County Gaol, Naas)     1854
Doyle, Peter M Deputy (Co. Officer) Naas   1854
Doyle, Peter M Stamp Distributer Naas   1854
Drill, John, Mr. M Deputy Governor (County Gaol, Naas)     1854
Drogheda, Marquess of M Deputy Lieutenant Moore Abbey, Monasterevan   1854
Drogheda, Marquess of, D.L. M Magistrate Moore Abbey, Monasterevan   1854
Duckett, William M Magistrate Russeltown Park, Palatine   1854
Duke, William A., M.D., L.R.C.S.I. M Medical Officer of Celbridge Union Dispensary District (Lucan)     1854
Dyas, W.G. M Medical Officer of Naas Union Dispensary District (Robertstown and Kilmeague)     1854
Egan, George M Clerk, Petty Sessions Court, Kilcullen (second Friday)     1854
Evans, George M Magistrate Farmhill, Athy   1854
Falkiner, F.J., M.B. M Medical Officer of Naas Union Dispensary District (Kilcullen)     1854
Ferguson, William, M.D. M Medical Officer; Poor Law Union Celbridge     1854
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