'Nowhere's Child' - Kari Rosvall Reflects

Kari is a Lebensborn Survivor and speaks about her life - 'Nowhere's Child'.

Naas Community LibraryNaas

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  • Sat 23 Sep  2017
  • 5.15pm

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    Naas Community Library

    Harbour View

Kari Rosvall was adopted at 3-years old and grew up in Malexander, Sweden.

At 17 she discovered that she had been born in Norway in 1944 and in 2008, that she was a Lebensborn Child, a product of Hitler and Himmler's 'Spring of Life' programme.

As "part of humanity's darkest secret", Kari is a Lebensborn Survivor and has, with Naomi Linehan, written her life-story in 'Nowhere's Child'.

Kildare Culture Night is indeed fortunate that Kari, as an Irish citizen, bravely speaks to us now about her lived experience.

Younger people are welcome, an accompanying adult is advised.

Date: Sat 23rd Sept
Time: 5.15pm
Venue: Naas Library, Harbour View, Naas
Email: gerhealion.act@gmail.com for event information only
Event Organiser: Gerard Healion 085 1126631
Tickets & Venue Information: Naas Library 045 879111

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