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Topic of the Week: Vandalism

The term VANDALISM means wanton damage to property with no particular aim in view but to commit destruction. Most acts of vandalism are committed by children. Do you know where your children are now; who are they with and what are they doing?

What does vandalism mean to you?

By looking around you probably will see plenty of evidence in the form of shattered phone boxes/bus shelters, damaged street lights or uprooted trees. These are the unpleasant results of vandalism.

Vandalism is a Problem for Everyone

If your car or house has been damaged the expense of repairs will be soon understood. The cost of replacing vandalised property must be met by the taxpayer.

What can I do?

As a parent you can exercise control over the activities of your children by ensuring that they do not partake in or assist with acts of vandalism. As a member of the community you can help too by informing the Gardai when you witness an act of vandalism. Remember it could be your turn next. Never turn a blind eye to vandalism. Ring 112 (999) immediately for Garda assistance.


Can you help?

Gardai in County Kildare would appreciate any information which might help to solve the following crimes:

21/10/98 A number of tools were taken from a Peugeot van outside 49 Moanbane Park, Kilcullen, after the front fly window was smashed to gain entry. The items included a blue chop saw, a Makita drill, a Bosch cordless screwdriver, a number of saws and a Hitachi drill. Information to Kilcullen Garda Station.

31/10/98 The larceny of a tripod stand, Pentax make, and a circular disc, Ashtek make, from a field site at Blackmiller Hill, the Curragh. The items were concealed in furze bushes and were being used to pinpoint the direction and depth of water tables for Kildare County Council. The disc is about 10" in diameter with a white top and blue bottom. Tyre marks of a jeep-type vehicle were found near where the theft took place. Information to Kildare Garda Station at 045 521222.

3/11/98 A sum of money and a Minolta Dynax Super camera was taken from the premises of Pat Dunlea and Sons, Kilcullen after entry was gained to the premises subsequent to 12.30am by smashing glass in the front door of the showroom. Information to Kilcullen Garda Station.

6/11/98 A Williams trailer was taken from a house at Castlewarden, Straffan. It has a steel body and low sides. The chassis number is 0204622, and may have the West Wood nameplate. Information to Naas Garda Station.

7/11/98 A sum of money was taken from 1979 St Bridget's Avenue, Kilcullen, between 6.50pm-11.15pm. An inscribed gold watch was also taken, presented to the owner in 1977. Entry to the house was made by forcing the back door. Information to Kilcullen Garda Station.

19/11/98 The owner of the Candy Store in Claregate St, Kildare, was threatened by a youth with a knife at around 7.15pm. The attacker was about 5'10" and wore a Halloween mask. He fled when the owner activated an alarm.


Recognise this car?

Probably not. It's all that remained of a Honda Civic which was stolen and stripped for parts. Gardai say that there is something of a 'run' on Civics at the moment, so if you own one, make sure it is very secure.


Recovered property

Blessington Garda Station has the following items, found discarded in Ashtown Forest: A TEC electronic cash register, four pairs of nylon tights and a black curly wig.

Kildare Garda Station has a number of pedal cycles which were found abandoned, including Raleigh, Falcon, President, Albany and Tempro models.

Naas Gardai have these two trollies for which they'd like to find owners. (Ignore the engines - they're taken from 'ringed' cars which were usually stolen in England and sold here with main components switched around. A number of such vehicles have recently been recovered and been returned to their UK owners.)



Crime Prevention Officer Sgt Mary Corcoran has issued these guidelines for personal and business security during the Christmas period. As always, they are based on common sense.

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