Kilcullen Sewerage works begin


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Kilcullen sewerage works begin

Men (and machines) at workKILCULLEN, NOVEMBER 5, 1998: The long-awaited sewerage system for Kilcullen is at last in sight, with the beginning of work in the town last week. A period of disruption is expected while the main pipeworks on the town's main street are completed, and during this time there will be traffic light restrictions in force. The local community has been agitating for a new system for over a decade, ever since the old treatment works - dating back to the thirties - collapsed under the strain and were abandoned. The lack of adequate facilities has for many years stunted the growth potential of the town, but once the system is linked into the expanded Osberstown Treatment Plant in about three years' time it is expected that the population of the mid-Kildare village will increase significantly from its current official level of 1,800.


Wants 'Rent Table' relocated

CASTLEDERMOT, NOVEMBER 7, 1998: A Castledermot resident wants the famous 'Rent Table' built in the early 1500s for Gearoid Og Fitzgerald moved to the new Athy Heritage Centre. Eamonn Kane also wants the table declared a national monument. The table is currently the subject of a High Court case over its ownership following an attempt to move it from Kilkea Castle by former owners of that property. It is being held in Carlow Garda Station pending the resolution of the case. Mr Kane is a member of Kildare County Council's sub-committee on national monuments.


Bruton says two FG MEPs possible in Leinster

NEWBRIDGE, NOVEMBER 1, 1998: There is a real possibility that Fine Gael could win two seats in Leinster in the European elections which will be held in tandem with the local authority elections next year, according to party leader John Bruton. Speaking at a fundraising lunch in Lumville House today he said the party had been working hard on the ground towards this end and he pointed out that they had nearly achieved this the last time around with Monica Barnes. He said that they needed to get the right candidate to run along with Alan Gillis, who is is very strong in his own right. On other matters, Mr Bruton criticised the Government for failing to tackle the traffic problems now evident, describing the problem as an indicator of political failure to plan infrastructure. He also said the carers of the elderly and handicapped were being neglected by the Celtic Tiger society. "This is increasingly a society where people are losing touch with their neighbours," he said. Afterwards he spoke to KNN about his reasons for being in Kildare South and how he saw the possibilities in both local and European elections.

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Athy company faces major asbestos claims

ATHY, NOVEMBER 1, 1998: An Athy-based company which manufactured asbestos building products from the mid-30s is facing many millions of pounds in claims from employees who say they have suffered serious illnesses as a result of their work in the plant. Two cases down for the High Court in the coming week could set expensive precedents for Tegral Building Products if they proceed through the court system, and they are representative of a number of claims being taken by the company's employees in Athy and from a former plant in Drogheda, as well as families of employees who have died. In the last few months there have been at least three settlements of similar cases for amounts which average six figures: a Newbridge solicitor has a dozen other such actions pending, and it is understood that a Dublin solicitor has an equal number, some of them from people living near the plant. Meanwhile, there's speculation that there could be a total of up to 100 claims waiting in the wings for a court precedent.


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