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Kavanagh's Historical Bibliography of County Kildare

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Harbison, Peter  


Guide to the national monuments of Ireland. Published: 1970  Publisher: Gill & MacMillan, Dublin. 

For Kildare see P. 120--126.

Harbison, Peter  


Some views of St. Brigid's cathedral, Kildare, 1738--1836.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XIX, 83--95.

Harbison, Peter  


The Castledillon stone.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XV, 136--140.

Harbison, Peter  


The holed high cross at Moone.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVIII, 493--512.

Hartnett, P.J.  


A crouched burial at Hempstown Commons, Co. Kildare.

Periodical: J.R..S.A.I. LXXX, 193--198.

Hartshorne, Albert  


Notes on a recumbent monumental effigy in the churchyard of Timolin, Co. Kildare.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. I, 131--134.

Hawkes, Wm.  


Ballymore (in: Ballymore Eustace and Hollywood. A chronicle of an historic parish. P. 13--18). Published: 1953  Publisher: Leinster Leader, Naas. 
Hawkes, Wm.  


Parish of Ballymore Eustace, 1791 (in: Parish booklet issued Christmas 1958 P. 5--15). Published: 1958  Publisher: Pr. By the Leinster Leader, Naas. 
Hayden, Mary and Moonan, George A.  


The fall of the House of Kildare (in: A short history of the Irish people…P. 196--200). Publisher: Talbot Press, Dublin. 
Hayden, T.  


Kildare Town, It's Ancient Roads and Streets

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVI:479-83.

Hayden, Tadgh  


Castledermot farmer--6th. Century A. D. (in: Castledermot… P. 10--14). Published: 1954  Publisher: Castledermot Tostal and Improvements Committee. 
Hayden, Tadgh  


Castledermot--its history and traditions. Published: 1953 


Hayden, Tadhg  


Castledermot in 1798 (in: Castledermot, P. 15--18). Published: 1954  Publisher: Castledermot Tostal and Improvements Committee. 
Hayes-McCoy, G. A.  


Sixteenth century swords found in Ireland.

Periodical: J.R.S.A.I. LXXVIII, 38--54.

Includes a description of a sword found in the river Barrow at Monasterevin, Co. Kildare.

Hayman, Canon  


The Geraldines of Desmond.

Periodical: J.R.S.A.I. XV, 211--235.

Includes information on the Kildare Geraldines in the 15th. Century.

Hayward, Richard  


This is Ireland: Leinster and the city of Dublin. Published: 1949  Publisher: Arthur Barker Ltd., London. 

Includes a chapter on Kildare

Head, Francis B.  


College of Maynooth ( in: A Fortnight in Ireland by Francis B. Head P. 66--99.) Published: 1852  Publisher: John Murray, London. 
Healy John  


The School of Kildare (in; Insula Sanctorum et Doctorum or Ireland's ancient schools and scholars) P. 125--140. Publisher: Sealy, Bryers and Walker; M. H. Gill. Dublin. 
Healy, John  


Lecture on the history of Maynooth (in: A Record of the Centenary Celebrations held in Maynooth College in June, 1895, compiled by the Author of the Centenary History of Maynooth College, P. 150--164). Published: 1896  Publisher: Browne & Nolan, Dublin. 
Healy, John  


Maynooth College; its centenary history. Published: 1895  Publisher: Browne & Nolan, Dublin. 
Healy, Most Rev. Dr.  


St. Patrick in North Leinster (in: The life and writings of St. Patrick…) P. 368--386 Published: 1905  Publisher: M. H. Gill & Son; Sealy, Bryers and Walker: Dublin. 

Gives account of St. Patrick in Kildare

Hendrick-Aylmer, Hans  



Periodical: J.K.A.S. III,372--381.

Hendy, Thomas F. and O'Connell, Michael  


Legacy of Memories. Published: 1996 

Relates to Allen parish

Hendy, Tom  


"The Hendy family of Harristown near Nurney"

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XIV, 167.

Hennessy, William M.  


Chronicum Scotorum. A chronicle of Irish affairs from the earliest times to A. D. 1135; with a supplement containing the events from 1141 to 1150. Published: 1866  Publisher: Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer, London. 

See Cill-Dara in index.

Hennessy, William M.  


The Annals of Loch Ce. A chronicle of Irish affairs from A. D. 1014 to A. D. 1590. Published: 1871  Publisher: Longman and Co., London. 

See Cill-Dara for Earls of Kildare.

Herity, Michael  


Ordnance Survey Letters Kildare…1837,1838 and 1839. Published: 2002  Publisher: Four Masters Press, Dublin. 
Hetherington, R.  


Font at Kildare Cathederal

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVI:74.

Hewetson, John  


Michael Hewetson, M. A., Archdeacon of Kildare for a day (St. Peter's 1686).

Periodical: J.K.A.S. VI, 306--310.

Hewetson, John  


Patrick Hewetson, M. D.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. V, 47--54.