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Kavanagh's Historical Bibliography of County Kildare

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Keeley, V.  


Archaelogical Excavation of a Burial Ground, Greenhills Townland

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVII:180-201.

Keeley, V.  


Archaeolgical Investigations on Three Kildare Motorway Schemes

Periodical: J.K..A.S. XVII:168-71.

Keeley, V.  


Excavation at Hillsborough Townland

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVII:172-9.

Keeley, V.  


Excavation at the "Longstone," Kilgowan

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVII:161-67.

Kelly, E.  


A Flint Javelin-head from Donore, Co. Kildare

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVI:530.

Kelly, Gerry  


Kilcullen ( a poem). (in: An Tostal Pageant, Donnelly's Hollow, Curragh, Sunday 19th. April. 1953.)
Kelly, J.  


A Visitor to Kildare in 1782.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVII:235.

Kelly, J.  


Prosperous and Irish Industrialisation in the late Eighteeneth Century

Periodical: J.K.A.S.XVI:441-67

Kelly, J. J.  


The Quaker Village of Ballitore  (Subtitle: A Village Conservation study for Kildare County Council.) Published: 1990.  Publisher: School of Architecture, U.C.D. 
Kelly, M.  


An Iron Works

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVI:372.

at Dunmurray near Donadea

Kelly, M.  



Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVI:82.

at Donadea, Co. Kildare

Kelly, M.  


Some Sundials of the North Kildare Area

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVI 272-4.

Kelly, M.  


'The Last Days of the Colleys on Carbury Hill'

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVII:96-8.

Kelly, M.  


The Owners and Tenants of Barberstown Castle

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVI:61-7.

Kelly, M.  


Tombstone Inscriptions, Ladychapel and Taghadoe, Maynooth Co. Kildare Publisher: No Imprint 
Kelly, Martin  


A seventeenth century prior of Kilcock ( John Byrne ).

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XIV, 564--567.

Kelly, Martin  


Clauber Hall.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XV, 16.

Contains information on Rev. Maurice Kearney who resided at Clauber Hall in the townland of Mooretown near Rathcoffey.

Kelly, Martin  


The mill at Clonoghlis.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVIII, 638--640.

Kelly, Martin and Boylan, Patrick  


The Boylan family of the Carbury area

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XIV, 346--361.

Kelly, Martin J.  


A stone age settlement in north Kildare.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XV, P. 241 and 309.

Refers to a find of stone axes at Knockanally.

Kelly, Martin J.  


Cloncurry through the Ages Publisher: No Imprint 
Kelly, Martin J.  


Some ploughs of the County Kildare.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XV, 419--424.

Kelly, Seamus  


A walking tour of Leixlip. Publisher: No Imprint. 
Kelly, Thomas  


A letter to the Roman Catholics of Athy occasioned by Mr. Hayes seven sermons. Published: 1823  Publisher: Printed for Richard Moore Time, Dublin 

Copy in National Library

Kelly, Thomas  


Some account of James Byrne of Kilberry in the county of Kildare addressed principally to the Roman Catholic inhabitants of Athy and its neighbourhood. Published: 1809  Publisher: Pr. By Robert Napper, Dublin. 

22 pages. Copy in the National Library.

Kemmis, Lewis G. N.  


A short account of the family of Kemmis in Ireland.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XII, 144--169.

Kenny, Kevin  


Sir Ernest Shackleton's sledging harness--The Kildare connection.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVIII, 627--630.

Kenny, L.  


50 Years on the Liffey  (Subtitle: A History of Hydro-Electric Power on the River Liffey.) Published: 1994  Publisher: E.S.B., '50 Years on the Liffey' Committee 
Kenny, Liam  


Documents and sources--Kildare's first County Council.

Periodical: J.K.A.S. XVIII, 631--633.

Kenny, Liam  


Kildare County Council, 1899--1999 first election and first meeting. Published: 1999.  Publisher: Kildare County Council, Naas