Emily Hourican

Emily Hourican is a journalist, author and interviewer. She has been writing weekly for the biggest-selling paper in Ireland, The Sunday Independent, for over 15 years, and has published four novels and one biographical account of her life, How To Really Be A Mother, described by psychologist Oliver James thus: "I have read innumerable other books trying to do the same job but this is really excellent. A splendid book". Her first novel, The Privileged, was published in 2016 and short-listed in the Best Popular Fiction category at the Irish Book Awards that year. Her latest novel, The Outsider, is just out and has been one of the must-reads of summer 2019. Emily has interviewed a variety of authors, including Alexander McCall Smith and Zoe Heller for the Sunday Independent, and has conducted public interviews with Marian Keyes and Amy Huberman, among others. She has participated in and mediated panel discussions on writing, motherhood, business and medical ethics, and likes encouraging others to talk even more than she likes talking herself.

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