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Kildare v Dublin, Leinster Senior Football Final, July 22, 1928

Leinster Leader, July 28, 1928, page 3


Kildare played towards the railway goal and got away on the throw in, but sent out on the right wing. P. McDonnell put Stynes in possession and the latter had the Kildare posts in jeopardy when Goff brought off a great clearance from O'Brien and Durnin. From Goff's clearance Paul Doyle got possession from Joe Loughlin, but slipped in the act of kicking and had hard luck in sending just wide. From the goal kick Dublin advanced to midfield where Joe Loughlin and Gannon called a halt and Dublin conceded a free. J. Higgins took the penalty and sent over with a great shot which was just on the wrong side of the uprights. Dublin got away on the kick out and Norris sent out. From the throw in Kildare pressed matters and the "Short Grass" forwards were busy. Joe Loughlin put Keogh in possession and from the Kildare left wing the latter sent straight to the Dublin net a great shot, but the Dublin custodian (J. McDonnell) was alert and brought off an equally fine save and clearance. Kildare pressed and Fitzpatrick was fouled in possession. From the resulting free Keogh received and shot just wide. The Kildare men were playing the game of their lives at this stage, and the Dublin posts were subjected to a continuous fusilade which even the most capable defence could not long withstand. J O'Reilly had cleared for Dublin when Malone returned to Paul Doyle who sent across to Joe Loughlin. Pressed by the Dublin captain Loughlin passed the leather out to Curtis who sent over the Dublin bar for the first score of the game. After the kick out Dublin made an effort to get up field but the Kildare pressure was maintained and an advance by the metropolitans was nullified when O'Brien sent out. Following the throw in by Kildare McCann conceded another throw in. With a supreme effort Norris, Carey and O'Reilly rescued the Dublin posts from the unwelcome attentions of Curtis, Doyle and Keogh, and Stynes put the Kildare posts in danger. Joe Synott got possession and sent to O'Brien who had the chance of a lifetime for the equaliser, but failed to avail of it and sent wide. Play was transferred to midfield where there were some lively exchanges. From a throw in to Kildare Norris handled the leather on the ground. From the free Higgins sent to the Dublin goal-mouth and P. Loughlin sought for the net, but the Dublin centre full (Carey) launched himself into the breach and cleared. Stynes was beaten by Curtis for possession and the latter shot for the custodian to deflect. Like a flash Keogh was on the leather and added another point for the champions from a difficult angle. On the kick out Dublin conceded a free which Paul Doyle sent in a magnificent shot for the net, but J. McDonnell was not to be caught napping and a great save and clearance followed. There were some rapid exchanges in midfield where Stynes and the Dublin captain sought to reverse matters. J. Higgins sent to Curtis who centred with a beautiful shot and a terrific exchange followed across the Dublin goal in which a brilliant defence prevailed and the ball was sent wide. Norris put Dublin attacking from the goal kick, but J. Synott was intercepted by Fitzpatrick who cleared a promising efforts for the attackers. Further pressed by the city men Kildare conceded a "50". Paddy McDonnell took the free and from Buckley's clearance Perkins got possession, but sent wide after a great defensive display by the Kildare men in which Fitzpatrick, Goff, Higgins, Buckley and Malone were each tested more than once. Walsh, in the Kildare goal, was as reliable and resourceful as ever and cleared again and again. On the kick out Joe Loughlin beat Stynes for possession and sent to the forwards where Martin secured and shot for the net. Carey stopped the leather on the line but was hampered by P. Loughlin and Martin, who had followed up, again got possession and sent over the bar for Kildare's third score. One of the defenders was injured but resumed after a couple of minutes. The All Whites were doing best in all quarters at this stage and from the kick out the attack on the Dublin posts was quickly resumed. Carey, O'Reilly and Norris cleared in turn, but the Kildare pressure was relentlessly maintained, Higgins, J. Loughlin, Malone and Paul Doyle steadily feeding to the forwards. O'Reilly had cleared when Curtis swung in from the right wing and dropped the leather in front of the Dublin net. Paddy Loughlin secured and, faced by Carey and the custodian, swung around and essayed an overhead shot which dropped across the bar for a further point. After the kick out a further Kildare advance was held up by an infringement and from the resulting free Norris sent well up, but Joe Loughlin and Malone returned and from a further effort by O'Reilly, Loughlin effected a fine clearance. Kildare advanced in another great attack and matters were mixed with an energy which brought a bunch of opposing players over the side-line with the leather. The referee threw in and Dublin sent out on the right wing and repeated the performance a second later but a great defence by O'Toole and O'Reilly foiled the attackers who sent wide. From the kick out Joe Loughlin secured and crossed out to Paul Doyle on the left wing. Pressed by the Dublin captain and Perkins Doyle shot with his left foot and a yell resounded over the field as the ball sailed into the air and perfectly judged, swerved straight on to the Dublin cross-bar where P. Loughlin touched over for another point. The Dublin men made a valiant effort to get through and reverse matters, but the Kildare back lines were impregnable and a long shot by Stynes was quickly returned and Gannon crossed to Keogh for the latter to centre and P. Loughlin shot over a further point for the "Short Grass". Carey put Norris in possession who sent to P. McDonnell. The latter centred well and Perkins and Synott had matters between them when Fitzpatrick intervened and effected a great clearance which left Paul Doyle on a further forward move. Rapid exchanges in midfield followed a clearance by Carey and Norris, and Stynes was responsible for a further call on Fitzpatrick who responded and again put Paul Doyle in possession. Doyle sent down and Carey, Norris and O'Toole were again prominent in the Dublin defence. The defenders sent out and from the throw in Curtis got possession from Keogh and notched a seventh point for the Kildare men. Play was in midfield on the kick out and the opening for Dublin afforded by a Kildare infringement was nullified by Fitzpatrick and Goff who transferred play to the Dublin end. Here the backs showed up magnificently as they repelled a terrific Kildare assault. Stynes got through and a great shot for the Kildare net by Joe Synott was only saved by Walsh, the custodian, from whom Higgins received and returned to the other end. Dublin sent out and from the throw in a frenzied struggle followed right along the Dublin goal line. Valiantly Carey, O'Reilly and O'Toole, with the custodian, withstood a fierce bombardment as the leather hovered on the brink and the spectators yelled with excitement as, again and again, the fortunes of the contending parties swayed back and forth. "Even the ranks of Huscany could scarce forbear a cheer" as Carey, with a supreme effort, boxed out the leather for Norris to clear. A free to Kildare was landed in the Dublin goal-mouth and the defenders had sent out when Keogh went down injured. A free to Dublin eased the pressure on the resumption. Kildare again attacked but sent wide and still continued the pressure on the kick out, but with the same result. Coming back on the right wing the Kildare men sent wide for the third time, on each occasion the margin being of inches, and the result really hard luck. Dublin got away from a free and the Kildare backs were heavily taxed before Buckley cleared to Higgins. The latter sent a great shot for the Dublin posts and only failed by a short margin to convert. Joe Synott put Dublin going from the kick out and the metropolitans fought gamely to reverse the fortunes of the games. Fitzpatrick, Higgins and Joe Loughlin cleared in turn and a further move by Perkins and Joe Synott had been foiled by Fitzpatrick when the half-time went leaving the scores:---

KILDARE 7 points

On resuming the Dublin captain got away from the throw in but the Kildare backs were sound and the clearance was followed by up and down play. Twice in succession forward moves by Dublin were foiled by Fitzpatrick, and Higgins had initiated a forward move for Kildare when Curtis was fouled in possession. From the resulting free Malone centred and Curtis once more got possession but was again fouled. From the free Paul Doyle sent over a further point for Kildare. From the goal kick Dublin again essayed a forward move, but were again held up by Fitzpatrick, who cleared to centre for Gannon to put the forwards in possession. Following close in play Loughlin sent over a further point for Kildare, leaving the score 9 points to nil. Dublin sent out following the goal kick, but a similar Kildare infringement saved the situation for them, and O'Reilly was responsible for a forward move in which John Synott sent to his brother Joe who sent over the bar for the Dublin men's first score. Play was developing on the rough side at this stage and the spectators were growing restless in face of some of the infringements. Kildare overheld the ball, and from the free McDonnel put the Dubliners attacking and Joe Synott notched a second point for Dublin with a great shot. From the goal kick J. Higgins, who had been the recipient of some very doubtful attention during the preceding play, had to be carried from the field and was replaced by F. O'Toole. Higgins' absence weakened the Kildare side considerably. On resuming play was in progress only a couple of minutes when Stynes put Dublin attacking and Durnin brought the Dublin supporters to their feet wildly cheering as he found the Kildare net with a shot which combined luck and merit. The effect of this score on the Dublin men was electrical and the ensuing play was fast and furious. A further Dublin advance found the Synott trio active in the front lines and the Kildare backs sent out in saving. A further Dublin advance was beaten off by the hard-pressed Kildare back line but Stynes got possession in midfield and sent over a further point amidst the wildest jubilation on the part of the Dublin supporters. From the kick out a desperate encounter took place in midfield where both sides contended hotly for possession. With the Kildare lead reduced to a three point margin the Dubliners saw hopes for a one score equaliser and were out to reach the Kildare posts again. The Kildare team was not now giving even a shadowy resemblance of the brilliant play of the first half. There was brilliant individual effort, but no combination work and many of the players seemed, from injuries or otherwise, to have lost the ability to go up for the ball. Dublin forwards got possession but sent wide. Malone and Curtis cleared, but Norris sent back and Perkins placed the leather advantageously. From the ruck of a lot Dublin attack in which the ball wavered across the Kildare net "Gus" Fitzpatrick emerged with the leather and out-manoeuvred J. Synott to clear to midfield. P. McDonnell returned and in a further Dublin attack of the ding-dong style the harassed Kildare men conceded a "50". The Dublin captain took the free and the leather fell in the very front of the Kildare posts where a wild melee followed. It looked as if the whole Kildare back line would be precipitated into the net when Buckley succeeded in rescuing the leather and cleared. The respite was only momentary, however, and soon Durnin had placed Kildare in jeopardy with a well-directed shot which was cleared in the goal-mouth by the Kildare custodian. Goff cleared and Buckley saved from a return by Joe Synott. Fitzpatrick, who had played a consistently fine game, was called on twice and eased a couple of dangerous situations. Excitement was at fever pitch and some of the incidents of the play evoked angry protests from the spectators, so that when Curtis, who received from Paul Doyle, who got possession from Fitzpatrick's clearance, was fouled and knocked out for several minutes, there was an angry uproar from the packed stands and demands that the offender be sent off. From the resulting free Kildare moved forward but there was a further Dublin foul, and again a hurricane of protests broke forth. The further free brought the Dublin posts in imminent danger and P. Loughlin was in possession when he was held from behind by one Dublin player and another came into him from the front. Just as this foul occurred pandemonium broke forth from the spectators and there was a surge forward as if the pitch would be invaded. The scene was tense for several minutes as the referee stood talking to the Dublin captain and pointing off the field. As the Dublin captain walked off the pitch pandemonium again broke forth, but subsided after some time. A free was now given Kildare near the Dublin goal and Curtis sent the ball over the bar amidst loud cheers which were more a recognition of the pluck of a light player emerging successfully from a very rough ordeal than of any particular brilliancy of the shot. Curtis tried to find the top corner of the net, but the ball struck the bar and hopped over for a point. From a free for a Kildare player touching the ball on the ground Dublin got back per McCann and Joe Synott compelled Walsh in the Kildare goal to move in order to save the net. The clearance was short and the backs only saved from a return visit after a protracted struggle. Every inch of ground was bitterly contested and the whole back line sustained a severe test. Goff and Fitzpatrick were very prominent at this stage. Joe Loughlin eased the situation and Keogh just missed with a great shot for the Dublin posts after O'Reilly had stayed a previous attempt. Fitzpatrick, Gannon, Joe Loughlin and Curtis reversed another Dublin advance with a great combination run when Mangan forced a "50". The free put Dublin attacking and Walsh boxed clear with his posts hotly invaded. Twice in succession Kildare conceded a "50", O'Toole placing the frees to greatest advantage. The Kildare defence was first class. J O'Reilly for Dublin got over the bar with a great shot and reduced the Kildare lead to 3 points. The Dublin men redoubled their efforts and from the goal kick Stynes put his side on the move once more. The attack on the Kildare posts was of the most strenuous nature, but two frees to Kildare in succession negatived their efforts. Play was transferred to Dublin territory and after a hop by the referee Dublin fouled and Kildare were at the opposite goal from the penalty. Martin failed with a good opening and sent wide. In a further attack on the Kildare posts O'Brien, the centre full, got possession and sent over the bar amidst cheers. A two points lead and time up but for the allowances for stoppages. Watches were out on the stands, and excitement ran high as the Dubliners again got possession and dashed to the attack. Joe Loughlin stayed the move and sent forward but the ever alert Norris captured and returned. Joe Synott got possession and the Dublin supporters shrieked their delight as a magnificent shot put the leather over the Kildare bar. The stands rose and cheered again and again. A one point margin and anything might happen. From the goal kick Joe Loughlin sent well forward and Curtis stopped the return by Carey. Joe Loughlin was fouled and from the free the Dublin backs were severely tested, but emerged successfully. Dublin conceded a further free and, following the free, sent out. This put the Kildare forwards going, but Carey and Norris were sound and Perkins initiated a further attack on the Kildare posts. The Kildare back line showed up magnificently in repelling a vigorous onslaught during which the posts were in imminent danger every moment. Joe Loughlin, who was very prominent, put his side attacking when he sent to Curtis. Curtis sent in a great shot for the Dublin net which Carey just cleared. Paul Doyle returned and Norris, O'Reilly and O;Toole had their work cut out defending. The Dublin backs were on their line fighting desperately to repel a great Kildare attack, and great play was in progress on the latter right wing when the long whistle went, leaving Kildare still Senior Football Champions of Leinster on the score:---

KILDARE 10 points
DUBLIN 1 goal 6 points

Comment on the game is superfluous in face of the action of the referee rendered necessary by the discreditable fouling tactics. Our sympathy goes out to those members of the Dublin team who played a clean and finished game throughout. They were the chief losers by the ill-advised action complained of. But for that they might easily be enjoying the fruits of victory now. The victors deserved to win. They played a great game and kept their heads under most trying circumstances. They wore a clean, fast and scientific combination, and it is to the interest of the G.A.A. that they have won, for they are the embodiment of the real Gaelic spirit. Amongst the spectators we noticed Messrs. Thomas Lawler, the Kildare President; Tim Clarke, Co. Secretary; Joe McDonald, Trainer; Tommy Kelly, J.J. Fitzgerald, Frank Conlon and many of the past players for the county. They may be relied upon to see that suitable action is taken to prevent any repetition of the dangerous and discreditable tactics referred to. In the interest of the G.A.A. and for the safety of future county players they must do so. Some of the Kildare followers might take a hint also. Comments which are manifestly unfair and unfounded may pay tribute to their enthusiasm, but do no credit to their sportsmanship. There was a little too much of this form of criticism on Sunday.

Kildare---M. Walsh (goal), M. Buckley, M. Goff, A. Fitzpatrick, F. Malone, J. Higgins, J. Hayes, J. Loughlin, W. Gannon (capt.), J. Curtis, P. Martin, P. Doyle, W. Mangan, PP. Loughlin, T. Keogh. Subs.---F. O'Toole, P. Pringle, M. Connor, T. Wheeler, W. Hynan, L. Stanley.

Dublin---J. McDonnell (goal), W. O'Reilly, P. Carey, J. O'Toole, E. McCann, J. Norris, J. O'Reilly, P. McDonnell (capt.), P. Stynes, A. Perkins, Joe Synott, P. Synott, J. Synott, M. O'Brien, M. Durnin. Subs---A. Doyle, Jas. Norris, J. Farrell, J. Stack, and J. O'Shea.
Referee---J. Byrne, Wexford.

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