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All-Ireland Final

Leinster Leader, Saturday 6th October 1928.


On the toss Cavan won and elected to play from the railway goal and with the wind facing a bright sun. On the throw in the Cavan men got away per Smith and Higgins in possession was fouled. From the free Higgins sent well down and a shot by Martin was stayed by Campbell. Malone and Murphy were contesting possession when the ball went out off Kildare. From the throw-in Devlin received from Reilly1 and Goff stopped a dangerous shot which Fitzpatrick cleared. A free by Lynch put Cavan again attacking. J. Higgins stopped Devlin who passed out to Murphy. Buckley cleared for Kildare and O'Reilly returned but sent wide. From the goal kick out a forward move by Kildare was spoiled by a penalty which O'Reilly sent well into the Kildare goal space. Goff cleared and Devlin returned, but Fitzpatrick again saved and an effort by Farrelly was cleared by Buckley. After a considerable tussle all along the Kildare goal-line Fitzpatrick intercepted Conlan and the latter shot wide. From the goal kick the ball went out, but the throw in for Cavan was nullified by a free to Kildare. Higgins put the forwards in possession but Mulvaney cleared for Cavan and initiated a grand run which put Cavan forwards in possession again. A. Higgins sent to Conlan who shot just wide. From the goal kick Devlin received from Lynch and opened the scoring with a point for Cavan amidst great cheering. On the kick out Kildare was away, but an infringement checked and both sides in turn were responsible for infringements in the course of some rapid midfield exchanges. Joe Loughlin put Curtis in possession and the latter tried for the Cavan posts, but Lynch cleared and sent to Devlin who was intercepted by J. Higgins. Fitzpatrick eluded Conlan, but his clearance was stopped by Smith who sent to Murphy. Buckley intercepted the latter's pass to Farrelly but was crowded on the line and centred where Goff and the custodian just cleared from Young and Devlin. Malone was fouled in possession and Campbell had returned from the free by Higgins when Joe Loughlin was
injured in midfield and had to retire, being replaced by Dan Ryan. Higgins put the Kildare forwards going and the free which he dropped near the Cavan goal was the centre of a fierce struggle. A clearance by Campbell was returned by Curtis and a second later the Cavan custodian just saved from a great shot by Paul Doyle. P. Loughlin and Martin rushed the goal and from the clearance Keogh forced a "50." Higgins fell just short with the free for a point and a strenuous defence in which Campbell was prominent looked like falling under the massed attack of the Kildare men when a free to Cavan eased. From the free Lynch sent to the Cavan forwards but the Kildare backs were sound and cleared per Goff. Fitzpatrick saved from Smith and Buckley and Goff saved in turn from a determined Cavan attack before Devlin shot wide from a centre by Conlan. From the goal kick Ryan sent to Curtis who shot just wide. From the goal kick Malone returned. A throw-in for Cavan made no material difference and for some minutes there were fast midfield exchanges, each of the defences keeping their territory clear. Gannon sent in a great shot to the Cavan goal which Campbell stopped for Malcomson to clear. From a free Higgins sent to Mangan who was put over the line when in possession. From the throw-in Clarke sent forward and a couple of long range exchanges with Goff, Higgins and Mulvaney and Campbell were terminated by Dan Ryan who started on a run but was fouled. Campbell cleared from the free by Higgins and Mulvaney stayed a further advance when Paul Doyle looked like converting. Kildare were again busy per Gannon, Doyle and Keogh, but Malcomson and Mulvaney were prominent in a brilliant defence and the effort terminated in a wide. From the goal kick Campbell sent to Smith who crossed to Murphy, but Malone had the best of a series of hot exchanges and was well supported by Buckley in clearing a dangerous situation in which Farrelly and Young forced a "50" from the custodian. Lynch sent the free just wide and on the kick out Fitzpatrick was down injured for some time. The free eased for Kildare but Higgins' effort was nullified by an infringement on the part of a Kildare forward. Cavan came back on the free by Lynch which was intercepted by J. Higgins and Hayes cleared but Mulvaney returned for Smith to pass to Murphy when the latter shot over the bar for a second point for Cavan after twenty minutes play. From the kick out Goff sent well down, but the Cavan men were doing well in the exchanges with a percentage of the luck of the game, and Clarke sent to Murphy who was stopped by Malone and Farrelly was closured between Malone and Buckley when he got possession, but managed to centre where Young was not quick enough in the "take up," and Goff cleared. Quick as a flash Lynch returned to Devlin who, hampered by Goff and Higgins, gambled with an over-head shot and sent over the bar for Cavan's third point with sound judgement. Cavan were now three points up and Kildare was still on the waiting list. Wild jubilation was manifested by the Northern supporters whilst "Come on, Kildare," sounded from the "Short Grass" representatives. From the goal kick O'Reilly returned but Malone initiated a nice passing movement in which J. Higgins sent to Dan Ryan and the latter passed to Curtis who centred for Keogh to send over the bar for a point to open the Kildare scores. On the kick out Cavan infringed and from the free Higgins sent to Keogh who centred in fine style. The Cavan goal man boxed clear but Curtis returned and a clearance by Campbell met the same fate from Keogh. A wild melee was in progress all along the Cavan goal line where attackers and defenders were struggling desperately for their objective. Paul Doyle got possession and sent in a great shot about a foot below the cross-bar. Malcomson stopped the ball, Keogh drove it with his hand to Paddy Loughlin who boxed it for the net simultaneously with the custodian, Morgan, who tried to clear. The ball shot at a tangent and Curtis rushed it into the net for a goal amidst wild cheering from the Kildare supporters. On the kick out Cavan was fouled and Lynch put the forwards in possession from the free, but Higgins got possession and Goff sent to the wing for Malone to pass to Curtis who was injured in an impact but resumed. From the resulting free Paul Doyle added another point for Kildare amidst loud cheering. Kildare was now having the best of the exchanges and from the goal kick Ryan sent to Curtis, but an infringement spoiled. Cavan got away on a free by Lynch, but Hayes returned and Gannon sent in a dangerous shot which Lynch just stopped. A second later Clegg stopped a sharp effort by Curtis, but the clearance to midfield was muddled by the Blues and Gannon sent to Keogh who failed by inches with a great wing shot. Kildare maintained the pressure and Paul Doyle was prominent in a series of shots which a great Cavan defence was fully extended to withstand. Campbell cleared with a long shot, but Fitzpatrick intercepted Conlan, and Hayes cleared. Cavan sent out and the throw-in by Malone went to Ryan who put Curtis in possession and the latter just failed with a difficult wing shot. From the goal kick Smith sent to Conlan but Fitzpatrick was solid in opposition and cleared when Devlin got possession, but J. Higgins stopped any attempts at fancy work, and Goff finally eased the situation when Malone passed to Ryan who failed in a shot for the Cavan posts. Kildare returned from the goal kick per a free by J. Higgins and the custodian saved from Martin, but P. Loughlin stopped an attempted clearance and Mangan forced the defenders to concede a "50." J. Higgins took the "50" and with a grandly judged kick dropped the leather in the mouth of the Cavan goal. A great tussle followed as the Kildare forwards strove to put the leather into the net, but the defenders were putting up a very gallant fight and had just succeeded in clearing when Paul Doyle got possession and the half -time whistle went leaving the scores-

Kildare 1 goal 2 points
Cavan 3 points

  Frees 50s Wides Gls Pts
Kildare 10 2 3 1 2
Cavan 8 1 5 0 3


It was in an atmosphere of tense excitement that the teams lined out for the closing half of the game. From the throw-in the ball went out off Cavan and the penalty gave Curtis an opening to put the Kildare forwards going. Campbell cleared from Loughlin and Mulvaney sent to Murphy from whom Buckley cleared. Lynch returned to Devlin who sent in a great shot which Fitzpatrick cleared, and a second later was on the job with Goff to stay a volley from O'Reilly. Kildare conceded a free in midfield and Smith sent over the bar, leaving Kildare with a single point lead. From the goal kick Lynch returned, but J. Higgins beat Devlin for possession and passed out to Malone from whom Curtis accepted a difficult pass and tried with a long shot for the Cavan posts, but just sent wide. An infringement spoiled a further Kildare advance, but a similar fate befell a Cavan venture. From the free Paul Doyle sent over the bar and once more Kildare resumed its two point lead. The Kildare back lines had matters well in hand at this stage and the goal kick by Cavan was gathered in by Malone who put Gannon to work in the forward line. Curtis stayed a clearance by Clegg from Gannon, and Martin nearly achieved the objective. A relentless bombardment of the Cavan posts met with an outstanding defence. From a free Paul Doyle shot just wide. Campbell and Lynch proved effective obstacles in the way of two further Kildare advances. A great tussle in centre-field terminated when Kildare sent out on their own right wing. From the throw-in J. Higgins captured and put his side attacking. Clarke eased the pressure, but Gannon centred and from a free Paul Doyle sent over a further point amidst great applause. Goff returned a sharp shot from O'Reilly and sent to Gannon who put Doyle in possession, but the latter sent just on the wrong side of the post. On the kick out a Cavan player was knocked out for some minutes but resumed. Lynch took the free but Goff saved and Higgins sent to Martin who put Doyle in possession, but the latter again had hard luck in failing to convert as the ball skimmed the post. A throw-in helped Cavan forward from the goal kick, but Buckley returned and Ryan centred well, but the custodian cleared in the mouth of the goal. At this stage the Cavan defence was strong and reliable. Keogh barely missed with a return shot which went wide. The Kildare backs were doing well in the exchanges and Higgins sent to Curtis who showed up prominently. Curtis centred but an infringement held up a promising move. Lynch sent to the Cavan forwards from the free and a Kildare infringement resulted in Buckley contending for possession with Farrelly, and sending to Curtis who sent in a great shot which was only saved by the custodian. Campbell saved another great effort by Doyle. It was at this stage one of the sensations of the game occurred when Lynch accepted a pass from Campbell and in quick succession Mulvaney, Smith, Devlin, O'Reilly and Murphy did their part in a brilliant passing movement which was halted by Malone. Murphy passed to Farrelly who centred and Hayes and Fitzpatrick cleared from Devlin. O'Reilly returned and Goff cleared, but Lynch captured and Devlin was in possession immediately. Higgins intercepted Devlin, but the latter crossed in the ball to the goal mouth. Fitzpatrick and the custodian were jumping for the ball together as Young, the Cavan centre full, got behind it. Fitzpatrick stopped as if to avoid hampering the goalie whom he was just on top of. Simultaneously Walsh flung himself forward and slipped Buckley, from the right wing, flung himself forward and just missed the ball as Young shot it into the corner of the net for the equalising goal. The Cavan supporters went frantic with excitement

All-Ireland Champions.

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and cheers rang out again and again at the piece of (so far as the spectators were concerned) unexpected good fortune. A second later enthusiasm broke forth again as Lynch returned the Kildare goal kick and Devlin crossed out to Farrelly who scored a great point from an ugly angle and put Cavan leading by a point. From the goal kick Kildare forwards got moving but an infringement spoiled. Cavan sent out from the free. The throw-in put Kildare again on the move, but every inch of ground was keenly contested and it was by slow process that the forward lines were at length reached. A Cavan infringement gave an opening, and Paul Doyle, from about twenty yards out, dropped the leather in the goal-mouth where Paddy Loughlin rushed it into the net. There was a sharp division of opinion, amongst the spectators as to the legality of this score, many hotly contending that the ball had been thrown and not boxed, but the referee ruled with the Kildare men and the green flag went up amidst wild scenes of enthusiasm. From the goal kick J. Higgins got possession but was fouled and from the free sent to Paul Doyle who drove over the bar for a further point to Kildare and a hurricane of cheering greeted this further success. On the kick out Kildare was penalised in midfield for over-holding and Lynch sent from the free to Devlin who just sent wide. On the kick out some fast exchanges followed in midfield. Cavan sent out, but the throw-in was nullified by Kildare over-holding. From a sound defence Goff and Fitzpatrick returned the free kick by Lynch, and Martin secured and sent to the Cavan goal. Morgan, the Cavan custodian, boxed clear, and in a rush the Kildare forwards sent wide. Kildare continued to press and a free by Lynch gave only temporary relief as the Kildare backs were proving a very sound proposition. J.Higgins sent to Gannon, from whom Keogh received, but just missed with a great shot. Higgins returned a further free from Lynch and Cavan spoiled a promising situation by sending out. In the course of a fierce struggle around the Cavan goal Malcomson was injured and had to retire, his place being taken by T. Crowe. Lynch sent Cavan away from the free and O'Reilly sent to the wing, but Malone stopped the movement and passed out to Curtis who just failed with a sound shot. No better luck attended a further effort by Mangan who received from Martin, who secured from Hayes. Kildare was a goal ahead at this stage and matters looked so safe for the champions that there was a steady exodus of the spectators. In a flash the situation changed as Campbell captured a return from Goff and sent to Mulvaney who put Smith in possession. The latter sent to Devlin who sent in a terrific shot for the net and like a flash the Cavan forwards swept in and Young dashed the ball into the net for the equalising goal. The Cavan supporters went wild with delight and waved hats, coats and sticks in a mad frenzy whilst a roar of cheering arose again and again. With only seven minutes to go feeling amongst the spectators was at fever pitch as the goal kick was taken. A Kildare infringement looked like giving Cavan a further score, but Higgins interrupted a great kick by Lynch and Fitzpatrick forestalled an effort by Smith. Mangan was prominent in a Kildare advance and Campbell cleared, but Gannon intercepted and sent to Mangan who drove over the bar for a point lead for Kildare. A great cheer greeted the performance and wild enthusiasm was manifested by the supporters of the All Whites. Nothing daunted the Cavan men fought strenuously. Lynch penetrated the Kildare defence and a throw-in brought the champions' posts in imminent danger from Devlin, but Higgins and Goff cleared. Smith tried to get through from the wing but Fitzpatrick cleared from W.A. Higgins, and a further drive by Devlin had been stayed by Buckley when the final whistle went leaving the Kildare men still All-Ireland Football Champions on the scores:-

KILDARE 2 goals 6 points
CAVAN 2 goals 5 points

  Frees 50s Wides Gls Pts
Kildare 5 0 9 1 4
Cavan 9 0 1 2 2


The teams were :-

Kildare---M. WaIshe, M. Buckley, M. Goff. A. Fitzpatrick, F. Malone, .J. Higgins, J. Hayes, J. Loughlin, W. Gannon. Joe Curtis, P. Martin, Paul Doyle, W. Mangan, P. Loughlin, T. Keogh. Sub-Dan Ryan.

Cavan-J. Morgan, G. Malcomson, T. Campbell, H. Clegg, H. Mulvaney, P. Lynch, J.J. Clarke, J. Smith, H. O'Reilly. W. A. Higgins, P. Devlin, J. Murphy. A Conlan, W. Young, S. Farrelly. Sub.-T. Crow

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